Thursday, February 01, 2007

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My blog entry yesterday either got mercury retrograded or it just wasn’t meant to get posted. hmmm.. It had a recipe in it. I have lots of great raw recipes and plan to one day compile them into a recipe book. So, either the universe was teling me to save it for the book.. less likely ; ) or more likey.. it got mercury retrograded!

Mercury retrograde doesn’t start until Feb 14th.. but the effects of it can be felt up to 2 weeks before. & personally I feel the effects are sometimes strongest then. I liken it to the PMS of a woman’s cycle.

Mercury retrograde symptoms in a nutshell.. the 4 things I notice most:
1- people from my past come to mind and I call or think of calling them and people from my past call or contact me.
2- Things go missing, get lost.. lost things are found (sometimes)
3- Technical problems. If computers, cell phones etc are going to screw up, now is the time.
4- Miscommunications. Take what people say with a grain of salt, don’t take anything personally, don’t get offended easily.. If someone says something that upsets you or doesn’t sit well with you, it is likely they are not saying something the way they mean it or you are taking it the wrong way.

Metatron is off on another adventure but has left me with his soup recipe.. That was awhile ago but I was just cleaning out my backpack ; ) ..and I am posting it here for safekeeping. I love that I can store things which are important to me here!

Start with a tea base, I like nettle leaf, dandelion leaf & root & burdock root (This is nutritive & kidney & liver detoxifying, as well as blood purifying…) …in this blend veg, broccoli, cauliflower, whatever… add oils… olive is more Mediterranean, coconut is more thai cuisine… bend in spicy like garlick, onion, ginger… I like to add seeds, like poppy, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame… dulse is nice to add once it has been blended…
I use highest vibe ingredients…
Himalayan crystal salt
Fresh gathered spring water
Always playing!
Aways loving!
This is my friend Monica’s (she's the incredible dessert artist of Moni’s Raw – the best raw cheesecakes ever!) sister's site. She is in the cosmetic industry in NY and exposes the dangers of cosmetics, she has faced heavy metal toxicity & serious heath issues from working in the industry and wearing these cosmetics.
“..sure companies advertise how their products make us look, but why doesn’t anybody tell us how they can make us feel.”
This is a very interesting site! Read it all.. get informed.

: ) Have a fantastic day!

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