Saturday, February 10, 2007

Honouring life - beautiful islands, Jeremy's myspace and things we learn from our friends

This is a posting I read.. I am not sure where from, but I c&ped it into a doc where I save stuff I really like. This led me to the website, which I am loving!

--May we honor the Sacredness of All Life
- each bird, each apple, each inchworm, each cloud,
each child, each cow, each blade of grass,
..... May we notice its Beauty & inherent worth,
May we feel thankful for that in friendship & sharing,
May we care, conserve, & preserve Life...
...& may we Enjoy it, immensely.
May we experience Love, within thought,
word, choice, action, & breath...
May we feel Compassion toward All Life,
& live with Compassion in Action.
Through our thoughts/words/actions,
we can spread love in the world.
May we bless the world, rather than
curse the world, with every thought
& action (eg, "Bless you" to
everyone around you, all the time,
seeing God in all life & self).
Namaste, Love, Lalita

I especially love the link on the left – My Friends – which leads to her page ‘ Things I Have learned from some of my friends.

This is my friend Jeremy’s myspace page. He’s an incredible musician!! & an incredible person!!

Inspirational things learned from friends: (Thank you Heather! : )

Follow your heart. Serve. Give. Play. Remain aware of the sacredness of people and life. Live deeper. Love. Adore. Be natural and healthy. Make deep contact with life. Explore ideas, art, nature and life. Play more. Be eccentric. Share everything with everyone. Embody kindness. Live in awareness and presence. Enjoy every moment. Care. Be. Life is wild play and exploration. Keep an open mind! Dress in beautiful clothes. Be kind and thoughtful. Friends, family, spiritual community are important. Live, Laugh, Feel everything. Be passionate. Go deep. Get things done. Create. Stand up for human beings and the earth. Be positive. Be optimistic. Be joyful.Question establishment. Share beauty. Believe in your dreams. Live a life you love. Celebrate God. Celebrate art & music. Love unconditionally. Surround yourself with life and healing energy. Communicate clearly and openly. Enjoy yourself.

The pics were sent to me from a friend and come from a Russian website. I have no idea where they are.. but one day I plan to find them! : )

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