Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ringing Cedars excerpt - creating and perfecting the world through thinking - purity of thought

From The Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre, p 3:

´The first thought, the first word was the Creator’s. His thoughts still live today, surrounding us unseen and filling universal space, reflected in material, living creations produced for the number one creation, Man! Man s the child of the Creator. And, like any parent, He could wish for His child no less than what he has for Himself. He has given him all. And even more – freedom of choice! Man can create things and perfect the world by the power of his thinking. No thought produced by Man disappears into oblivion. If it is a thought of radiant brightness, it will fill the space of light and rise on the side of the forces of light. A dark thought, however, will fall on the opposite side. And today any Man may make use of any thought produced at any time either by people or by the Creator.”

“Then why doesn’t everybody use them?”

“Everybody does, but in varying degrees. To use them, one is obliged to think, and not everybody succeeds in doing this because of the vanity of daily life.”

“So, all you have to do is think, and the ability comes to you? And you can even discern the thoughts of the Creator?”

“In order to discern the thoughts of the Creator, one must attain a purity of thought appropriate to Him, as well as the pace of his thinking. To discern the thoughts of enlightened people, one must possess their purity of thought and the ability to think at the same rate. If a given Man has insufficient purity of thought to communicate with the dimension of the forces of light – the dimension in which radiant thoughts dwell, - then Man will draw his thoughts from their dark counterparts, and will end up suffering himself and causing others to suffer.”

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