Monday, February 12, 2007

Rawketgrrl's superhero traits

Super Heroine : Rawket Grrl
Motivation : To Protect, Improve and Feed her Family & Friends,
with a Vendetta against the Earth Ruiners and a strong belief in High Art, Global Unity and Greenery .
Secret Identity : Keiko Ti, humble bloggist and banana worker.
Distinctive Costume : Tank top and Docks and Anti-Evil Jewellery.
Motif: Mad Fun
Recurring Characters: The Teenage Hunger Force, Mr. Pesky, The Sprout Boss, Zoe the Familiar, Chokkoman, Th Emerald Warrior, Magic Dude, Th Gym Dandies & th Inhabitants of the planet New Brunswick.
Headquarters: Blender Domain, a hidden back kitchen in snow-drenched beachland and The Artcave.
Origin Story: Kissed by a Green Giant, gained strange powers of insight, honesty and communication above mere mortals, and decided to fight + win against all Healots, Nezmoes and Blingdawgs.

ps. LOL ..Em, bsxlntsur always.. with much love & huge appreciation! kt

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