Sunday, February 11, 2007

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Matt at work looked up my Mayan symbols and was hesitant to tell me that death was one of them.

“Oh no, of course it would be there” I told him. I am really good with death.. probably better than almost anyone I know.

Its true, but then right after that Sawako, our friend who is here from Japan learning English, just got a call that a good friend of hers had just died. That was Fri eve.. everyone was trying to cheer her up.. Jeremy played guitar, a few people played drums, every one tried to cheer her up with chocolate and ice cream and food.. then we all left, closed up & took her home on the subway. Yesterday someone else at work called, their Dad passed away. That’s huge, about as big as it gets. I’m working tomorrow now for them btw, & that’s ok.. but the story goes on. I get home & call my Mom and she tells me that my Dad is not doing well, not eating or breathing well, coughing when he tries to eat.. she was really concerned about him. His time could come soon.. or not, but maybe. Warning me, just in case. They think he has a pneumonia, which is really dangerous for someone with Alzheimers. Then today, I go to see my friend this aft – I got this great yerba mate cup & spoon Paula sent up from Uruguay! : ), we hung out, watched a movie, and she tells me that her best friend from back home (Uruguay) passed away a few weeks ago. Really sad story.

It’s a lot to think about.. I couldn’t think of what to post, what to write earlier .. have felt a bit speechless.

Sometimes I am surprised at all the words I put down here.. when I often think that there is no need to even speak words.. thoughts are often more powerful. & yet, here I am writing. I sometimes wonder for how long I will continue this.. maybe one day I will feel I have said everything that needs to be said or maybe I’ll type for many, many years. .. until every person on the Earth is inspired to be happy. : )

Ps. I woke up at 4 am thinking about my Dad & went down to the art cave & painted #4 in the series.. a pink flower, close up. & then I kind of cried a bit when it was done cause I was thinking about when my dad painted my bedroom for me, pink & burgundy, and he had just came back from a double shift, working on the trains and while in Halifax, he bought this painting of a pink flower for my new room. He was really proud of it & excited to give it to me. He always loved paintings. Memories & life can just get to you sometimes.

Ps ps, my daughter & her friends have started this thing of saying ps & adding something to what they’ve just said. Verbal ps’s, yk. Lol

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