Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Superheroes - common traits and a jet-car

A superhero is a fictional (usually…) character who is noted for feats of courage and nobility, who usually possesses abilities beyond those of normal human beings.

A superhero, even if they can fly often has a really cool car!

(or they get to just take other peoples if they have really good intentions! ; )

Am off in my jet-car to help save the world and sun-gaze with good friends in Kauai.

Common Straits of a Super-hero:
-Extraordinary powers and abilities, relevant skills, and/or advanced equipment. Although superhero powers vary widely, superhuman strength, the ability to fly and enhancements of the five senses are all common.
-A strong moral code, including a willingness to risk one’s own safety in the service of good without expectation of reward.
-A motivation, such as a sense of responsibility, a formal calling, a personal vendetta against criminals, a strong belief in justice and humanitarian service.
-A secret identity that protects the superhero’s friends and family from becoming targets of his or her enemies. Most superheroes use a descriptive or metaphoric code name for their public deeds.
-A flamboyant and distinctive costume often used to conceal the secret identity.
-An underlying motif or theme that affects the hero’s name, costume, personal effects, and other respects of his or her character.
-A supporting cast of recurring characters, including the hero’s friends, co-workers and/or love interests, who may or may not know of the superhero’s secret identity.
-A headquarters or base of operations, usually kept hidden from the general public.
-An “origin story” that explains the circumstances by which the character acquired his or her abilities as well as his or her motivation for becoming a superhero.

Becoming a Superhero is all about coming into SELF LOVE!

Cool cars & gadgets are just bonuses. : )

Ready to go?

Common traits of a Super-hero are from Super Goji Girls bio:

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