Saturday, June 09, 2007

Raw is #5! Raw for 30 days, Donna Karan's 10 day Well-being Forum

I have just heard that the Raw diet is the #5 diet in the world!

This doesn't surprise me & it is only going to get more & more popular.

One of the main reasons this is going to happen is because of the internet.. people talking, spreading their stories of healing and health. People are looking for answers, looking for cures.. and this is the only diet-lifestyle that I have heard of that heals the body so completely. ..and it isn't hard to realize.. because it's the Truth. Nature heals, the body will heal itself if it's left alone. Natural foods help heal. There is a very deep part of ourselves which recognizes this truth, regardless of all the confusion the mind can bring to things.. figuring out why it works.. if there is enough protein, minerals, enzymes, etc. Down deep it makes all the sense in the world. coupled with all the success stories of cured diseases that are accumulating every day and posted all over the internet it's really quite inevitable.

I heard the movie 'Raw for 30 Days' will be released in January. This will be huge. In it, they take 6 middle aged people who eat average American diets and have Diabetes and put them on a Raw diet & within 30 days they are all off their insulin. You can see the trailer here.

Donna Karan - Raw Fashion designer and social activist in NYC has a very interesting blog. Check it out!

excerpts from Alison Rose Levy’s blog article on Donna Karan’s 10 day Well-being Forum and what some of it’s notable speakers had to say:

"This forum is treating the current medical situation as the disaster that it deserves to be treated as," affirms Professor Robert Thurman of Columbia University. "We admire doctors because they deal with sick people -- it's very heroic. Doctors are like the fire department -- they run to the site of the emergency. But the question is: what can be done to prevent emergencies? The majority of diseases aren't accidents."

"We doctors act like gods," offers Dr. Mosaraf Ali, who founded the Integrative Medicine Centre in London. "But it's up to you to do the right things, like eating healthy food, doing yoga, and being mindful, because unless you do, I promise you one thing: we doctors will mess around with your lives."

"Americans spend two trillion dollars on health care. Eleven billion of that is spent on cancer, and we spend six times more on soft drinks."

“Most of commercial television and all of the morning television shows are brought to us by the pharmaceutical industry.”

"There is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a system that makes a profit from suffering. There is a fundamental disconnect," urges Dr. Robert Schiller, Chairman of the Beth Israel Department of Family Medicine. "We have to have a dialogue about core issues. We have to get people who are responsible to the table and say enough is enough."

"Let's first of all admit that we are the people that have brought the planet to the verge of extinction by being obsessed with money and turning medicine into a commercial venture," suggests Thurman. "Instead of more high tech machines and more high tech drugs, and more high tech failed government agencies, we need the need the help of cultures who never lost their connection to the natural life processes."

"First you need a change in consciousness, …

It’s totally worth the read!

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urban vegan said...

very interesting post. and I never knew donna karan was raw.

Keiko Ti said...

Thanks.. I didn't know until recently either. DKNY Rawks! I checked out your blog also.. beautiful, great pics!!! appreciate the support.