Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Strawberry Cheezecake

Finally, here it is..

Strawberry Cheezecake

1 c walnuts
1/2 c pecans or almonds
12 honey dates
dash Celtic salt

Process together for 1 min. until mixture becomes crumbly, just before it starts forming a ball. (If it gets to this stage, it'll still taste great). Press into bottom of pan.

2 c cashews (soaked approx 4 hours - to soften)
1/2 c pine nuts (not soaked - or use macadamias, soaked)
1/4 c agave
1/2 lemon - juiced
1 t vanilla
dash Celtic salt

Blend together until pureed into creamy consistency in food processor. Spread on top of crust and refrigerate while you make topping.

A springform pan would probably work best., but I used a pie plate. After removing from fridge, once set - I transfered onto a plate and cut and smoothed around the edge.. it was really easy to do. Then make and spread strawberry sauce on top.

Strawberry Sauce:
1 1/2 c strawberries
1/4 c agave
dash lemon juice
dash Celtic salt
1 t ground flax (or psyllium - to thicken a bit)

Puree in blender. Spread strawberry sauce on top. Return to fridge until ready to eat.

This freezes really well also. Which is what I plan to do with most of this one now, slice it and freeze. .. and the mini cheezecakes as well.

I made another recipe last week using cashews and coconut as the cheezecake base.. it was really good also. I brought it to work.. Mi-San said it was better than sex. Wow (not sure about that one, but.. ; ) It was really good.. I didn't post that recipe because it was more work. I made it in a high speed blender, my Blend-tec. It was really thick.. I tried putting the coconut through the juicer with the blank screen but it didn't get fine enough. I didn't think the food processor would have made it creamy enough.. so I used the blender but had to keep helping it turn, so thick - it was just more work.

So mainly based on this, even though the pine nuts are expensive, the recipe with them wins out. & I am really into pine nuts these days (& cedar nuts - Anastasia influence)

All in all.. this is a very easy to make & amazingly delicious dessert. & It's been my experience that most people prefer it to the cooked traditional version.



Anonymous said...

That looks delicious, she said, licking the screen of her monitor! LoL!

Have a Magickal Day out of Time!

Sprinkles said...

I am officially hungry! Looks Delish!

Keiko Ti said...

Thanks .. & it really is that good!

Hi Sprinkles, nice to see you again!

I want to add a ps. in case anyone wants to make the cashew-coconut version. It was really good!
recipe: 2 c cashews, 1 c coconut (fresh, mature, ground), 1/2 c agave, 1 lemon- juiced, 1 t vanilla, dash Celtic salt.. try processing, I used a high speed blender & had just enough liquid to make it blend, still very thick, pour & refridgerate over crust.
& I liked walnut-almond or just walnuts in the crust best.