Saturday, July 21, 2007

Views from the Rawketship


shell said...

awesome pics, what a beautiful planet we live on!
love&light xoxox

Anonymous said...

Did you take these yourself? LoL! Thanks for sharing!

I did not realize "Like Water for Chocolate," had recipes in it! haha! I guess until you said that, I did not think about them being real recipes, just part of the story!

Keiko Ti said...

yeah.. the pics are great, aren't they? took them early yesterday morning - out in my Rawketship before getting ready for work. What a beautiful life!! ; )
(lol.. My friend sent them to me, think he got them from a Russian website. He loves these Russian websites.. but its hard to give credit)
& I thought there were recipes, but like I said I was just browsing through it at the bookstore.
I really am going to have to get the book & read it one day soon. It's been highly recommended a few times.

Hugs to you both!

Anonymous said...

There are recipes, I googled it after I read your comment. I just never realized they were there! I just read them as part of the story, which they are, just as ours are part of our story.
Enjoy your day!