Sunday, July 08, 2007

Micheal Moore's Sicko and Krishnamurti - Energy to create a new culture

I went to see Michael Moore's new movie- Sicko last night.
It was looking forward to seeing it but it was much better than I had thought it would be.
If you get a chance.. go see it!

(& who knew France had it so good???!)

Micheal Moore's Sicko (official trailer)

I just finished my Krishnamurti book - Think on These Things. This is the last paragraph of the book, and it feels relevant. Its about Energy.

"You see, when you are young you have abounding energy - energy that makes you want to skip over the hills, reach for the stars. Then, society steps in and tells you to hold that energy within the walls of the prison which it calls respectability. Through education, through every form of sanction and control, that energy is gradually crushed out. But you need more energy, not less, because without immense energy you will never find out what is true. So the problem is not how to curtail energy, but how to maintain and increase it, how to make it independent and continuous - but not at the behest of any belief or society - so that it becomes the movement towards truth, God. Then energy has quite a different significance. As a pebble thrown into a calm lake creates an ever-widening circle, so the action of energy in the direction of what is true creates the waves of a new culture. Then, energy is limitless, immeasurable, and that energy is God."

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shell said...

ah, Krishnamurti, what an amazing human being, i would have loved to have had tea with him!
I have just been picking up my krishnamurti books again recently....thanks for your post..:) xoxo