Friday, July 27, 2007

Walking on the beach - Raw in the real world

I just set my desktop background to this image.. I am dreaming of walking on sand soon.

I have so much on my mind it's hard to think of what to write..but here I am. I usually have some vague idea. Today -nothing... so I'll ramble. I am feeling a bit bad.. I just made a conventional cake, in the oven, for my son, Nicholas, who is turning 16 today. My kids all love cake, and cookies and just about everything else that average kids on a Standard American Diet like. It makes me kind of sad, understandably. I raised them on this stuff ..but now I know what it is doing to them.. and I have apologized but what more can I do? ..& Even if I didn't make him a cake, there would be one bought.. which I feel would be worse. Sometimes we have to just follow our heart to make the right decisions.

I am having issues in this manner at work also. I think I need to go meditate. sigh.

I am flying out early tomorrow morning.. lots of last minute things to do around here. I haven't packed or really thought of that yet. This is my first trip away by myself without my kids or husband in 18 years!! (first real trip that is, I had a couple over-nighters away) we'll have been married 18 years on Aug 5th. wow!! There is a big family reunion on that day also.. the day after I get back.

Oh, & get this. I am missing going to David Wolfe's birthday party cause I will be away.. Oh well, next year.. Mi-san said she'll take pics.

This is a lot more personal than I usually get. I am going to go make juice now.. just enough time.. maybe time to wrap presents ( or I'll do it quick when I get home. )
We got Nick a Wii, extra controller w/ another game and the new Harry Potter book. - my kids don't read my blog. ; )

Sometimes it's strange I feel like I waver back & forth in & out of the real world.. & thats depending on what side you call the real world. I should say normal, convention life vs earthy, raw, flowing, life.. its almost like going in between a solid form and a translucent state. The raw me almost feels like flying.. and I am still in this state when dealing in the normal world.. but there just is a difference interacting with different presences. It's fun.. but sometimes kind of sad.

I am so excited for my trip tomorrow. I am not even sure when I am leaving.. bbwhen I get a chance. I am planning on taking my laptop. : )
Have a wonder-ful day!!! x


Anonymous said...

My daughter's 16th b'day party is Sunday and the cake thing has been a big big deal! It is still not settled. I usually make a raw cake, but this time she wants something different. I think I am going to order one. I can't bake one 'cuz I gave my oven away! LoL!

Sometimes we just have to go with their flow. I try to remember that the whole day is for the purpose of a magical memory for her and that I will not have her with me much longer. I just appreciate the fact that she still wants to spend her birthday with me! LoL! I am not going to let the food thing cause any friction. We will be back to normal on Monday!

Enjoy your wonder~full family and have fun on your trip!

Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You sound like you need a vacation ! We will walk on the beach..... I promise..... I practiced yesterday. It will be the best vacation ever !

Love, Mum

Paul said...


The Cake! " If ya know what I mean."

I found this at the excellent blog Alive On All Channels.

Go in Beauty, as the Navajo say.


Keiko Ti said...

Oh, wow, Connie.. I wish I could give my oven away! Cool!!! The other members of my family just wouldn't go for it.. that's life, but one day!
& we have kids the same age! nice. I like Leo's ..have 2 of them, (Kaiya turns 15 in Aug) thing about Leo kids, you usually don't have to worry about them, they will take care of themselves.
Have a great weekend with your daughter!

Hi Mom! There's a party going on here.. bunch of kids sleeping over. I'm tired & off to bed. Haven't even packed yet, lol not sure whats coming with me, but at least I will make it. & yes, we will have lots of fun! xox, cusoon!

Pablo, is God the cake??
kind of interesting idea.. but he's really down. & the part where he says art and drugs won't take you there.. I was thinking about that.. I have thought about this before how lots of artist types and previous drug users get into Raw.. not only, but it was just an observation I had made before.. I think 1 these people think outside the box, are experimental and willing to try something new.. open minded, free- thinking .. and 2 like to feel sensations, explore, get blissful and transcendent, y'know? but thats a bit of an aside.. what I was going to say is that art & drugs may not take you there.. but I really think raw foods can. They can definitely get you going in the right direction!

Thanks for the thoughts.
Peace out, party on, go in beauty..
Love you all lots!