Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random rollover, conscientious healing, sun and rain, Naked as we Came

Quick posting today.. spent lots of time in the kitchen this morning.. and called Mom - I got vacation time booked yesterday, a week from July 28- Aug6 and we are arranging me coming home (NB) Yay.. shes looking into flights. What a great Mom!!

The pic is a bit random, yesterday (random day) was so much fun I have to extend it a bit. ; )

Thought for the day: Whenever you take something for your body, put something into your body to help it, whether food, herbs, medicine, essential oils etc. think about what effect you would like it to have on your body. If you think about what you want this thing that you are ingesting to do, it will boost it's effectiveness. Not that it wont be effective without the thought.. but thoughts are very powerful and I think if you combine the thought with the substance you are taking it will help it to do exactly what you want. Sometimes I take wheatgrass and think of it like little scrub brushes going into my cells and cleaning all the toxins out.. I remember Mom telling that this smoothie she used to make would heal tumors and things in the body and I think of that now sometimes, that anything that was there is going away, disintegrating, the body is healing itself through the smoothies and the healthy foods I eat. Think of your blood being clean and flowing smoothly, the pathways are clear.. think of the inside of you being filled with light, radiating through and brightening your aura, helping to send out positive vibes and love to everyone who comes into contract with you. Think of how you are detoxifying, cleaning the guck out of your cells, all the toxins that have gotten stored in there is being eliminated and making room for clean blood and oxygen and light to flow through and illuminate you both inside and out. & be happy! & in love!!

It's pouring & dark outside!! (but the sun is still there - it always is)
Reminds me of this video that my friend sent.. not exactly all raw, but its interesting - the life cycle - 2:30 min and it made me think & I like things that do that. I am posting it.

Naked as we Came - Iron and Wine


Anonymous said...

I agree, I think your thoughts are every bit as important as what you are eating. Thanks again for a provocative read! :-)

Stephen said...

I have been listening to the ocean for hours now. Takes me back to Maui (lived there 10 years). The surf comes in wiht a BIG crash, the goes out, out, out till the last drop. Then silence. Then another crash....
Like the and out. New life with every breath.
The space between the breath's.
Love and light,

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Connie,Hi Stephen,
Thanks for the thoughts.I love the thought of sitting by the ocean.Its a hard thing to live without once you've been used to it.
& that is such a beautiful thought! .
New life with every breath
It will inspire me today! Thank-you for that.