Sunday, July 22, 2007


Did you know that In 1989, the U.S. produced its one millionth man-made chemical!

But thats besides the point. (??)

What I want to write about is - Mutants!

Mutants as in - us -humans .. and just about all the food we eat. Scary! I was reading a part in Anastasia about this. I love these books! I think she's for real.. of course, the thought crossed my mind that maybe she's an alien - and maybe not even a friendly alien.. but thats my imagination at work again. Always question everything. I used to think I knew quite a bit. I know a lot less not that I know more.. ykwim? But no.. I really think she's for real, too much of this rings too true. She is working for the creative, positive, light side and she gives us more hope for this beautiful planet of ours.

There are so many great parts.. There was a part earlier where she told about this little girl who lived in a kins domain (as outlined by Anastasia earlier) and had returned to a natural way of living.. she could change things all over the world by thinking about them. (& she had bacteria and micro organisms working for her - destroying, actually eating up weapons and things she didn't like.) In our natural state we should all be able to control and change things and send out thoughts etc, but most of us are so dulled we have very little ability left. I love reading this stuff & actually missed my stop a few mornings ago going to work, a few stops even though I was almost running late as it was.. lol great reading!
(btw, I wasn't late, exactly on time, as usual. I have great timing. Its such a good feeling to flow. : )

but this mutant part is relevant(to this blog, to eating raw, to life) ..some of it seems kind of obvious.. but its important stuff for us to realize anyway.

From Book 5 - Who Are We? Chapter 11 Science and pseudo-science.

..these so called scientists have begun to fundamentally change the plants existing in Nature, thereby changing the fruits they bring forth. Hey have begun changing them without first determining what purpose these fruits have. After all, in Nature, as in the Universe, everything I so closely interconnected."

She describes how if you take one part out of a car , like the filter, the car will go for awhile but soon will not go at all. & tells how “Nature is also a perfect mechanism, and nobody has yet fully fathomed it. Every part of this great living mechanism has its purpose and is closely interconnected with the whole structure of the Universe. A change in properties or the removal of a single part inevitably affects the work of the whole mechanism of Nature.

“Nature has many protective devices. First, it will signal an impermissible action. If that does not work, Nature will be obliged to destroy the ‘mechanic’ who fails in his calling. Man uses the fruits of Nature for food, and if he begins to feed himself with mutant fruits, he will be gradually transformed into a mutant himself. Such an adulteration is inevitable, given the consumption of adulterated produce.

“This is already coming about. Man is already experiencing a weakening of his immune system, his mind and feelings. He is beginning to lose the abilities unique to him alone, and is being transformed into an easily manipulated bio-robot. He is losing his independence. The appearance of new diseases only confirms this – it is a sign that Man has tried undertaking an impermissible action."

Later Vladimir states that there is no way to avoid all commercial produce – “There’s not enough real produce, and it’s so much more expensive.

There, you see, that is because the forces of destruction have managed to lure humanity into a state of economic dependency. They have managed to convince Man that If he doesn’t consume their products, he will die of starvation. But that is not true, Vladimir. Just the opposite: Man will die if he does eat them.

She goes on from here to say that almost all produce is mutant. She says “For example, on the earth today there are only nine apple trees left bringing forth original fruit. The apple is one of the most healthful and delicious of all God’s creations for Man. But it was one of the first to be subjected to genetic manipulation.


Anonymous said...

I used your search engine to look up all your references to Anastaisa. I played your youtube clip and listened to Karl Anthony's "One Prayer" as I read your posts. I was especially interested in the entry about lawns, a concept I keep butting my head into, and educational institutions teaching students to think in the box, or color in the lines. It has come to my mind lately that we are thinking within the book, using the words of others to authenticate and reaffirm our own thoughts and ideas. I believe it limits us and thwarts creativity, but have yet been able to turn my back on my beloved books, my best friends all these many years. ~sigh~ Thanks for an enjoyable morning. I am off to participate in real life.

Sharing Big Thinks!
Love and Light,

Keiko Ti said...

Hi Connie,
I was just thinking that Anastasia is coming to me through a book also. Some books (authors) are in the box, others think outside..
I think the more important thing is that we are not in the box.. that we can open our minds to alternative lateral thinking, and that we can follow our hearts more than our head. Listen to the voice inside instead of the many voices outside of ourselves.

It helps to have people on the same path with the same concerns & hopes - like minded & spirited people, like you. Appreciate you & your thoughts.