Friday, February 12, 2010

Eating Raw in Cuba

 Food in Cuba.
Staying raw at an all-inclusive resort in Cuba is more challenging than I thought it was going to be.  I had hints to pack lots of superfoods, which I did and was sooo thankful for. They made it for me.. I can handle 'cheating' a little bit with eating raw.. but only a bit. I love it most and feel best when I eat 90-100% raw. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.. I really dont think you need anything else. But I do believe that to do this you have to eat really smart.. for optimum fuel you need the superfoods - This works for me. So I packed a big bag of Goji berries with a few handfuls of Cacao Nibs, a few bars of ChocoSol raw chocolate bars ~and Thank God for that, if you love chocolate as much as me.. : )  there was No chocolate there, and certainly no raw chocolate. I brought Lots of chlorella tabs, Turmeric, Mushroom caps, Digestive enzymes.. lots in case I ate cooked food, which I did a few times.  ..but food:

Every morning there was lots of fruit - However, I guess most people who travel the Caribbean know that the quality just isnt as high in Cuba. I hear to subtract a star off the normal rating. If its a 4 star resort, its going to be like most 3 stars, its worth going for as high a star rating as you can afford if food is a concern. So, yeah, there was lots of fruit..but the pineapple was kind of hard, not quite ripe enough.. the rest was good though, and plentiful. I was happy that the watermelon had seeds ; ) always lots of melons, and fresh orange juice.. and I became good friends with the fruit lady (even gave her my favorite silver crocks! ..could sympathize with sore feet, standing all day ; ) and she would make me a fresh smoothie in the mornings. Mo milk or yogurt!!! just banana and select whatever fruits.. I was telling her about putting spinach and lettuce in there, she couldnt believe it! lol I had fun explaining it to her in Spanish!! fruit was ok, always lots for breakfast and dinner and sometimes at night.  
Lettuce was always available..but a few times as a garnish, which I went for, of course. sometimes we actually had dark greens, parsley or some other dark green veg cut up. but not always.. it was challenging a few times. There was always cucumbers and shredded carrots and tomatoes, although they were quite green the last 2 days?? I would often eat beets, which were always there, but cooked.. but I figure when in this situation, just pick the best you can - pick the best, leave the rest. 
But overall, if you couldnt eat as a fruitarian for a week, eating raw is going to be very challenging.
Oh and I packed a big bag of granola and some dehydrated spiced nuts - so thankful to have those!!
..and another thing tipping goes a long way here. a Long way!! Things mean a lot when you dont have a lot. & they do have a lot, I just meant financially and with things. I left almost everything there.. we have a ridiculous amount of abundance, every one of us here in North America.. and a trip here really helps you see that. I also learned that they have a lot there too, which is really wonderful, its just not so much about money.. 

I loved it. I think next time I go tho I would like to stay for a week in a hotel in Havana or right in Veradero. I'll definitely be packing a blender! ..and yeah, maybe one that I can just leave there.

&it helps to like the song Guantanamera! (which of course I do, esp with the Fugees!)

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