Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Flowers and Butterflies & Juice Feasting

Alex - Day 5 - Juice Feasting - Done. This session is now finished.. but I am sure she will start again one day soon.. this is what happened.. Alex thinks the huge headaches she was getting is not from the juicing but from stress. Sounds right.. because Alex has been off & on juicing for a long time - she is almost constantly seen at work with a big glass of green juice on the go. ..and she even stays completely away from fruit, because of the cancer, always, eating or drinking. She is very strong and sticks to lots of leafy greens and I have never seen her eating a piece of fruit, not even to taste-test something, Seriously! Other staff always taste anything that is sweet. She has been doing some hard-core detoxing for a long time.

So, Alex has been going through huge transitions in her personal life lately.. and as I have personally discovered lately sometimes you need some grounding when going through big changes. .. and Alex was not even really juice feasting, she was juicing/fasting.. Day 1 & 2 she water fasted, on the 3rd day she had 1 glass of juice (this is not exactly feasting she was doing). On Day 4 she had juice but when she went to her Moksha yoga - Alex is very into yoga (she teaches also) .. well, when she was doing yoga her hands and feet were getting numb, especially in poses when her hands were above her head.. she would have to shake them to get circulation going and the feeling back, her feet went numb when in the pigeon pose and she was concerned about this.. she realized that she was not getting enough juice and went to a juice bar after and got a big glass.. but the following day she ate.

Another big transition Alex is going through is moving, & not just any moving - she is actually renovating her new space to move into and is hauling and building and doing physical stuff on the side. She realizes now that she really needs to be more organized about this (juice feasting).. it would be very helpful to be settled in her own place and not in transition. And she also realizes now how important it is to be organized with it.. to make sure she has supplies/groceries to make 4 quarts/liters of green juice every day.. in this case she didn't get her act together to actually go shopping until day 4.

Also she hasn't been sleeping well, she has been up most nights lately until 3 am and getting up around 8:30 - and we all know how important sleep is, especially when you are detoxifying, juicing and healing your body - thats like Rule #1 - get lots of sleep and rest! Last night I got a call from Tracy who didn't know where Alex was. I hadn't seen her since the afternoon and she actually fell asleep in High Park (for 2 hours) she went and sat on a bench and was meditating and .. well, Alana found here there a few hours later asleep. yikes!

So, her plan now? She is going to stay off juice feasting for a few days but she wants to try again. She feels she needs to get into the right head space .. (I feel it might be more than a few days - but I will still document it if she attempts again soon) Oh and yesterday she broke out into hives - could be stress or detox. So.. she is going to be more prepared when starting again next time.. and we will all be here to support her, again! ; )
(special hugs to Alex!!!)

I haven't heard from Kellan today, I will call tomorrow morning .. I am guessing that he's doing great. ..and I will let you know soon.

& speaking of Juice Feasting I think I going to meet Philip McClusky tomorrow.. which I am looking forward to.. he's going to come by Rawlicious. A few of my friends are friends of his, but we haven't met yet. Philip has the website Loving Raw and he has lost over 200 lbs on the raw diet and did a 100 day Juice Feast!!!

& now a special video, which I just have to post, cause it just came in my inbox & I am in a bit of shock.. flowers & butterflies! My husband just sent this to me & he has been sending me really funny, absurd, off the wall and obscure, mostly punk-type videos.. the last one was "All the people that Died, died" being sung over and over to a really funky cute Anime, which was really amusing.. but this.. well, I keep telling him I'm more into flowers & butterflies ..and then this comes in. Wow! hmmm.. cool! really thoughtful. (but I kinda liked some of those others also, they were pretty funny!)

Relax Music, Flowers and Butterflies

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