Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventure Island Sun Day - Come Play!

You are all cordially invited to come visit me on this beautiful island. I plan on a day in the sun, exploring, swimming, relaxing and reading. It is so beautiful!! Come join me.

Mmm... this feels good! It's a beautiful Earth. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

where is this island?!?! wanderlust!

Anonymous said...

These are the images I see in my dreams. Ahhhhh.....

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Nancy! I have just been reading your website and enjoying it - taking some downtime. Loved the perfect girl & boy story. I love a good story.
Well, in reality the island pics are from all over the world.. but theywere all together in my heart and soul yesterday morning when I desperately needed to be there! ; )
I got off the boat in my mind and spent the day adventuring from island to island.. Hugs, R

Me too Nikki, me too!!! : )
& we can stay there as long as we like! lol