Friday, September 05, 2008

On my way to the Simply Raw Festival

Quick post - dashing off to the Simply Raw Fest in Ottawa & my ride is leaving soon...

Kellan - Day 6 or 7 Raw - is doing great! He has a juicer.. but no blender, usually its the other way around.. but he has been making lots of juices for himself, and salads.. and he bought The Complete Book of Raw - which is a great choice, lots of recipes by lots of great raw chefs.

His motto in life is Simplicity and contentment.. he read the Thoreau's motto was Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity.. He loves Thoreau's writing! ..and his perfect place to be would be on a mountain with a clear zen lake.. definitely a true raw type. He said he always pictures himself living simply, before raw maybe with a bowl of rice, one or two vegetables.. the simpler life is the better.. but now he will just translate his philosophy into raw, which is pretty easy, an apple her, a banana there.. can't get much simpler than that.

We spent a minute or two last night marveling and laughing at how bizarre it is that to eat this way seems strange to so many people.. I mean think about it - it's just the most natural thing in the world - we tend to really complicate things, andit seems that sometimes (or often) we get messed up in the complication. ..just a thought.

pics by Veri Kleiner Winkel at flickr

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