Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seven Principles of Huna

The Seven Principles of Huna:Ancient Hawaiian Healing Wisdom

In ancient times the pre-warrior Hawaiian tribes lived according to fundamental laws and moral rule. The principles that were these laws are as follows:

1. IKE: We Make Our Reality. The World is What We Think It is. All knowledge Is Not Taught in the Same School. Be Aware.

Here the individual accepts responsibility for his/her life. The wonderful challenge that is the gift of co-creation is embraced and thoughts, words and actions are the tools with which we sculpt our experience from the magical substance of Life. Thoughts, words and actions have a vibratory impact upon the sensitive ethers of the space that surrounds us and permeates everything. Thoughts, words and actions leave a residual affect that we experience as our feelings. It is our feeling experience with which we are constantly engaged that constantly magnetizes our reality. How do you feel now? How do you usually feel? This feeling experience defines your reality.

2. MAKIA: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes. Be Focused.

A fundamental quality of a true master is the ability to control ones thoughts and to direct those thoughts to the highest and purest considerations. Thought forms and accumulates with other thoughts forms of a similar vibratory nature. Be mindful of what you think, what you create, what you tune into and attract. Be aware.

3. MANA: All My Power Comes From Within. Be Confident. Let The Singer Select The Song.

The most potent natural resource is the Eternal Ocean of Divine Light and Love which laps against the shores of the soul. The simple challenge of life is: will I go to the shore and commune in the Holy Instant with the Infinite Power within me. Everything we are looking for in life is born in this holy relationship, in this Holy Communion with the Greater part of I. It is accessed in stillness, it is accessed in love. Through this sacred relationship the wonderful being I am may emerge to express itself wholly upon the playing fields of manifest creation. According to your faith so shall it be.

4. MANAWA: Now is The Moment of Power. Be Here. Strike While The Iron is Hot.

Enjoy the holy instant in the power of now. Strike the metal when it is hot. Be fully, deeply present. Access through the feeling experience the power of now. The door to eternity swings open in the here and now. Gather your scattered spirit, focus, commit and in the depth of your intuitive knowing accept all you truly are.

5. KALA: All Change Is Possible. There Are No Limits.

The only thing that limits the wonder of life flowing into our world are the fear mechanisms we cling to. Let go of the rocks. Cease your clinging, trust in The Great Ocean of Life and open your heart to the infinite possibilities of existence. The time is now and the need is great. Say Yes to Kala.

6. PONO: Harmony/Effectiveness is a measure of Truth. An Expert is Recognized by the Altar he builds.

Are you in tune with Life’s song of peace filled magical love? Are you living your destiny, your Life purpose, your mission? Is there disharmony in your life, if so why?

Harmony is a measure of Truth. Truth is a living presence in Life. To the degree we are in harmony with Truth is the experience of magic in our lives.

7. ALOHA: To Love Is To Share The Happiness of The Breath of Life, with. Joy is In The Voice of Love.

The call of the times is to unify and share. Aloha is the spirit of giving. The most important thing is to give the spirit of love. By bathing in the Ocean of Love, we become that which we eternally are. By maintaining a conscious contact with that ocean, through the Holy Breath, we can bring it into our world and share it with each other. Aloha is the spirit of togetherness in Love.
Wa hou makou, ka mana hila la. E ia I ka lani, Papa he ‘e nalu la He ‘e maluna

We emanated from Supreme Grace from the powerful ocean that descended from the sun. We came from heaven. Distributed in waves we surfed here from the sun, In flight from above.

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Photos by Howard Shatz


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Alessandra said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful things you share....I am amazed and what you come up with in the midst of all of your busy-ness. It is always such a treat to come here and see what is new....thank you thank you thank you

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