Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dinner at Live

I went to Live tonight with a group of friends, James, Chris & Arlene (who we stayed with in Panama were in town), and a couple of their friends from Vancouver and they decided they wanted a raw experience. so we went out to dinner at Live. I missed pics of the appetizers, we had Breads and Spreads with lots of dips and Nachos with guacamole, raw cream cheese and taco meat.. it was all so delicious.

Above Cannelloni was the special of the day. Below, is the sample plate with pizza, nori, zucchetti and lasagna and salad. We ended up ordering almost everything on the raw menu, but I only took a few pics.
Below, I had the Thai burger.. there was a delicious sauce on top.

Tacos! ..filled with taco meat and cheeze and guacamole, I think.

And I didn't get pics of the desserts but we sampled lots - the amazing cheezecake, tiramisu, pistachio halva and brownies.

& bonus raw pic while I am at it.. just found this pic of the late night take away Pizza that we had from last weekend at Ottawa. It had cheeze and a basil pesto spread that was quite delicious! Now if you are going to be eating late night pizza - this is the type to have. You will feel so much better in the morning for it!

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