Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dr. Brian Clement lecture

On Friday evening after work at Rawlicious I went to help Erika who was hosting Brian Clement speaking at Trinity- St Paul's Church at Bloor & Spadina. Brian likes to speak here, he has a bit of a preacher kind of air to him.. lol. He knows his stuff and has conviction - he's very interesting & knowledgeable.

Brian is director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida. ..which is known for healing people who have very serious illnesses, diseases.. many people who have been through the medical system and then through every other therapy and when they finally find themselves here will then recover and gain their health and life back.. the stories are quite amazing . Their recovery rate is astounding, a high 90+ percent.

I missed the first part, as I was working at the door but got to sit and listen to a lot of it. He was talking about how we are so stressed these days and so wired, all the cell phones and technology that we can't get away from.. as I pull out my blackberry to take a few notes! A bit self conscious I held it low.. lol I know, I know, I'm so wired.. I even get comments coming directly in to it (which I really enjoy! ; ) lol ok, excerpts from my notes:

We are 15,000 x more stressed than we were 50 years ago!
& we are becoming 50 x more stressed each year!

27 of the most important studies done on health and longevity all say the same thing..
that what you eat is important but the 2nd most important thing.. the 1st is to eat less of the best foods.

It is convenient to live an unhealthy life. People live in fear. They ask why don't doctors tell me this? How to be healthy. They don't know.

Living takes commitment to self respect. The changes you make to live healthy will bring extraordinary rewards. If you want to get healthy, get self respect.

80 percent of all cancers come from environmental toxins.

Our well being or lack of also affects the environment. We are vital when the earth is vital and vice versa.

Double the amount of greenhouse gasses come fro eating meat and dairy than driving cars.

Oxygen is our most vital nutrient. It increases the nutrient absorption in foods. We can not absorb foods or decrease stress without oxygen.

Prayer, contemplation and meditation all tells us to breathe. It changes our consciousness.
87 percent of the ocean is oxygen, 1/5 of the atmosphere is and 6 out of 10 atoms of the Earths crust is oxygen.

Morphogenesis - our body develops this as a tool of oxygen delivery. Its about the way cells communicate, become organs and tissues. The cells receptors, the way they get information requires oxygen.
Exercise changes the shape of the body because of oxygen.
If you want to be brighter - breathe more
If you want to have less cancer - breathe more. Cancer can not survive around oxygen.

Oxygen is the friendliest nutrient. We get it from breathing, food, plants and therapy. Force yourself to breathe more.
The only food with oxygen is Raw.

We get 2/3 of out oxygen from water. and only 1/3 from breathing.
We are 65% dehydrated. Tea, coffee, colas dehydrate, take water out of the body.

Most of out oxygen comes from the ocean, from phytoplankton .. the rest comes from plants and trees on land. (its all about photosynthesis, but mostly from water)

About water filters: Best filter is a molecule structuring water filter (organized molecule system)
(it is expensive though - $1500. +)
2nd best is distilled (does not rob body of minerals)
Reverse osmosis hasn't worked for about 20 years since the introduction of some chemical to to our water supply which it doesn't take out. (BTEV (MTEV?) ethyl-methyl? tried googling, not sure what it is)

Supplements everyone should be taking: B12 and blue-green algae.

B12 - Brian has spent lots of time in medical libraries- Harvard, NYU etc and has discovered that the way our large intestine is shaped is very different from the way it is shaped now. Our appendix looked different also, it looks like a shriveled up thing now compared to back then - It is part of our lymphatic system.
Our lack of B12 if an anatomical problem, not just a dietary problem.
65% of our population now has a B12 deficiency.

Our best form of B12 comes from soil based bacteria found in organic food. (Before WW2 there was only organic food) and also is found in fermented foods and cultures.

Best B12 supplement to get is a bacterial form. Most are not, they are a chemical form which our bodies don't digest properly and therefor not as effective.
If there is B12 bacteria in foods and we cook them, it doesn't survive.
Birds and wild animals, with their beaks and teeth in the soil often, are abundant in B12.

6 months ago, a court case won against the pharmaceutical industry by parents, who were both doctors, of a girl who developed autism from having vaccines. (Link to a report here just googling, there are thousands of claims for medical illnesses/diseases resulting from vaccines!)

Mercury - the older generations thought of mercury the way we do nuclear waste. Became popular in the dental profession. Was a less expensive metal that people could afford. Melt mercury put it in your mouth. Didn't go over well with the 1st generation. but..
If you lie long enough people will believe you.
They did and produced lots of bogus research. 3-4 generations later of brainwashed dentists = lots of mercury filings in our teeth.
Dentists have the highest suicide rate, mercury poisoning.

Thyroid problems - Hormone imbalance - #1 reason for this is the fluoride in the water. Fluoride is the best way to destroy the endocrine system. He told about how they transport fluoride to the water treatment plants, it is transported in tankers made out of incredibly thick metal and lined with this thick rubber lining which gets mostly eaten away on its way and when it reaches its destination and the fluoride removed so is whats left of the rubber lining which gets tossed away.
Fluoride in the water has nothing to do with strong teeth. Places that have the highest levels of fluoride also have the highest hormone imbalances and related diseases.
Wearing polyester is also bad for hormone imbalances.

He talked about a huge study done in Framingham Mass. (called Framingham study) which took 4 generations and looked at many things. According to blood and urine tests everyone was B12 deficient.

Eggs are one of the most horrific foods that you can eat. When you boil and deshell one you are left with a rubbery protein structure and the only animal who can digest one is a fox. (They have intense digestive systems)
We don't need to eat any cholesterol - our bodies create the small amount that we need.

Propaganda and media have filled our hearts and souls.

The quickest way to decoagulate and flush the body is through exercise.

Hemp seeds are extremely high in Omega fatty acids.
Get ones not hulled, in shell. Sprout them by soaking 12 hours on unbleached brown paper towels. They are 77% more effective that way. (Fish oil is not the best omega oil)
Wheatgrass has fatty acids in it.

ok, Thats the end of my blackberry notes. Off to help Kaiya with her homework, sew her top, pat and kiss and hug Zoey and then go watch Meercat Manor. Nice! xo, sweet dreams. 'Night


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Interesting, Robin ... send me a good Vitamin b-12 ... when you got the time.
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