Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Wolfe Event - April 10th - Get Earlybird Tickets Now!

David Wolfe is coming again in April, for those who missed him in December (he sold out early!!), get your tickets early!! ; )
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I love David Wolfe events. He is so motivational, & so full of empowering and the highest vibe - highest health ever information. Always filled with ideas and insights.. He makes Raw food fun & for me re-instills a deep sense of why we do this, live this lifestyle.. to be the highest, most clearest, most true, most Fun and to love closer to our highest potential.

I always learn something new at every event.. often many things!!! This event will be especially interesting as David is focusing on cleansing, detox, sustainable weight loss and age reversing.
  • Learn how to: detoxify, conquer candida, lower inflammation, restore bone health, and create healthy joints.

  • Lose weight and reverse aging with raw-living foods, superfoods, superherbs, and new healing technology!

  • Superherbs simplified.
  • Immune System rejuvenation.

  • Rebuilding core Adrenal, Kidney, and Reproductive energy (Jing energy).

  • The Healing Power of Raw and Living Foods and Fresh Juices.

  • The LongevityNOW Program.

  • Questions and Answers with David Wolfe.
Network with David and Toronto’s Raw Foods Community
Shop the Spring Market (featuring raw, organic, & green products)
Enjoy raw food & beverages available for purchase onsite
Win Great Door Prizes & Raffle

Order Earlybird Tickets Now!

Learn more about David here.

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