Monday, March 22, 2010

Insight Course - Fluid vs Static Intelligence and Transparency

My Mom sent me the link for this Insight Course. I am only on the 1st of 21 lessons so far..but enjoying it so far. The foreword is interesting - about fluid vs static intelligence and about transparency or openness.

"Fluid intelligence has little to do with IQ or "book" intelligence. It is rather the ability to step outside of our beliefs and consider information which does not fit into our previously accepted view of reality.  ..  At the other end of the spectrum from fluid intelligence is static intelligence. If an individual is rarely willing to reconsider or challenge their established beliefs, they are said to have a high degree of static intelligence. They aren't much interested in thinking outside of the box."

"Scientists with a high degree of fluid intelligence who are attracted to study matters outside the current paradigm are often labeled kooks or wacky by those operating with static intelligence."  & yet, we all know whos coming up with the great ideas in life!! - Einstein, Pasteur, Tesla, Galileo..

I enjoyed this video - Its a Perception Test
This is a short, but fascinating two-part test of your perceptual abilities. For the first part, you will be shown a 30-second video of six college students divided into two teams. Three students are wearing white T-shirts, while the other three are wearing black. Each team has a basketball which they are passing to members of their team. Your task is to count the number of passes made by the team wearing white T-shirts

"..the more transparent we are to ourselves and to the world around us, the more consciously we can make choices. And the more fluid we are in expanding our intelligence and beliefs, the more powerfully we can adapt to and make good use of the changes that occur in our lives and world...
Let us then choose to be open, transparent, and fluid both with ourselves and with each other, and to offer support for the limitless possibilities of growth and expansion which lie within each one of us. "


Anonymous said...

"Real faith means holding ourselves open to the unconditional mystery which we encounter in every sphere of our life which cannot be compressed in any formula."
(Martin Buber)

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Nice!! : )