Friday, August 17, 2007

Raw Reform - Angela Stokes

Angela Stokes lost bover 160 lbs on the raw diet. She had been almost 300 lbs, was ill and miserable most of the time and then a friend lent her a book by Victoria Boutenko - The Raw Family. She read the book that night & it inspired her so much she went raw overnight, 100%, despite that she was in Iceland and about to embark on an adventure trip where you pack your own food to bring. She packed loads of fruits & veggies & detoxed like crazy "at an insane rate". After this she went about 70% raw for the next few years.

Most people when they lose a lot of weight,, they gain it back, in fact she says 90-98% of people gain the weight back. She attributes this to the fact that most people don't address the underlying emotional issues. Society and even doctors will put you on a diet and get you to exercise, its all about the physical but they don't get to the root cause of why most people are putting the weight on. And losing weight can be scary, its like being catapulted into another world - people treat you differently, everything seems different, you even walk different. Food is not suppressing things any more and not only do you have to deal with issues as they arise instead of blocking them & your feelings with food but the emotions suppressed in your cells are being released. She thought of her obesity as a layer of protective fat, her shield that no one could get past to touch her.. that she was afraid to live in her true essence. The thought of letting go of conditions and living in real joy can be scary for people.
In working with people with similiar food issues she starts with the physical. She looks at their history - their relationship with food and gets them to write it down.
Then she gets people to write out a trigger list - the foods that once they start they can't stop eating. There is usally a patterna and it is usually sugar or processed starches.
Then she gets them to make a daily food plan so they have a new structure to work with. Everyday the person woll write a new plan of what they are going to eat for the day & this is best written in the morning when they are fresh, things come out more simply then, they are more grounded.
Then follow the plan and do this everyday, 1 day at a time - Not eating more, not eating less. Eventually this leads to regaining a trust in yourself and confidence.
& Avoid the trigger list completely!

Refined sugar and starches are the most addictive foods, they are the ones most removed from nature. You eat these and the body doesn't know what to do with them, people become so exstremely malnourished from eating these 'frankenfoods'. She advises people not to even touch them - they are dangerous, for someone with a food addiction its like a coke addict - you just can't have them/it occasionally. & its actually even harder to get out of the habit with foods, we are so addicted, often were exposed to it even in the womb. And its so socially acceptable to eat cake - In fact, its against society if you don't.

Angela is 100% raw now. She has 3 underlying tenets in her diet. 1 - she drinks 2 large glases of juice a day 2 - she mono-eats fruits. 3 - she eats as simply as possible her diet right now goes something like this (she eats usually between 11:30am-8pm):
11:30 - juice
later - fruit monomeal
mid afternoon is her largest meal of the day - maybe a big salad or nori rolls
a few hours later - another juice
fruit mono-meal/snack
and maybe a green smoothie or small salad at night The body is amazing she says, you just give it the slightest chance at healing itself and it just goes for it.Going raw is like going back to being a baby - and even before (some mothers don't have very clean diets) like going beyond that, to pre-birth.

Angela loves the feeling she got from juice feasting & plans to do it again very soon. She has an e-book on this.. actually she has 4 e-books available and also her book Raw Reform.

She is reading Anastasia right now! : ) Describes her as a contemporary of ours, who lives in the Siberian forest and who is completely wild.. completely Raw! She has absolutely no attachment to food, she eats like an animal. Grabs a handful of berries walking by, she just doesn't really think about food, goes on to the next thing and just gives no thought to it at all.

Angelas morning.
She wakes up and gives the day over to the universe. "Thy will be done" - not mine!
Its important to have a good start coming right out of the dream world and back into the material plane. Then she does a bit of yoga, the 5 Tibetan rites, which establishes her connection with her whole chakra system to the earth and the heavens as well. And then she does about 15 minutes of meditation. Sitting meditation which can be different - sometimes she focuses on the fields of energy in her body, sometimes she does creative visualization, sometimes filling her being with light.
Then shes ready to get on with her day, although through the course of the day she may take a few minutes to reconnect esp if shes challenged with something. And to remember to breathe.. and be conscious of beauty.

Have a beautiful day!!! xo

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