Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Going Wild

This is the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning.

Judy, the Queen of the Universe, and a most magnificent host, had a has a big beautiful home in Wallace NS. Mom & I set out for a 3 day trip by ourselves and I had intentions of sleeping 3 different places each night - but it was so great at Judys, our first stop, that we didn't make it any further.. and then we had to stop at everyone else's place on the way home on the last day.. power beach and home and cottage visiting. ..& that was great too, it was all just perfect.

Judy had lots of room.. lots of beds not being taken..but I really wanted to sleep outside, in my tent. I'm working towards sleeping under the stars. I'm almost there.

The really interesting thing about being raw is watching the progression backwards.. I feel drawn back to my roots, back to the earth. I was thinking how ever since I started wearing make-up, in my early teens, it has become such a part of my life. I wore it everyday. First thing when I got up, make up on. I wouldn't even go to the corner store without it. This continued through my life..

Shortly after I first went raw I went without makeup for a few days because I was having laser surgery on my eyes.. and it was a strange feeling. I still had a hard time with it & didn't really feel comfortable. I didn't think I looked nearly as good as with make-up. But I have been getting more and more used to it. In the last year it's no problem for me to not wear it to go to the store or take the kids somewhere (I'm a bit of a chauffeur these days) Not only that but I have gone out and then realized that I have not even put any on. Strange enough but even most importantly is that I was ok with that realization.

So the really cool thing was the feeling of undomesticating myself and living without makeup, living off the land, for the most part, swimming in the river or the ocean - Judys land was on a river and down the street was the ocean. I even went without a shower, which is a big deal for me, I'm an everyday shower person. I was in the water lots.. it's so great to just let the salt dry on your skin.. and I even lost my brush for a day or two.. I don't think I looked very hard. I liked the idea of finger brushing my hair.. it went all wavy and cool. I felt really beautiful in a very natural kind of way.

I just know raw gets better & better all the time.. and I feel so blessed to be experiencing this.
Big Hugs out to the Universe! xo

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shell said...

oh wow, thanks for your post keiko ti, your holiday sounds like it was perfect raw heaven! I love sleeping outside and being au naturel....i am sooooo looking forward to my hols!
love x