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Raw Summit - Shazzie

Shazzie is one of my first influences when I first went raw. I found her website - Detox your World - and ordered my first raw books from the UK. Interesting that she would be the last one to speak on the Raw summit. I feel like I have come full circle.. but actually its a spiral. I have Tonia to see tonight & it just all goes on & on in wonderful ecstatic bliss.. which is precisely what Shazzie is into these days. Creating ecstatic bliss. btw, she has a 7 year journal-blog avail online at telling all about her raw transformation and life.

Ecstatic Bliss - She is writing a new book, called Ecstatic Beings, about this with Kate (Woods) Magician, the 2 of them have made a commitment to live continually in ecstatic bliss. She is hoping to get over 144,000 signatures on her myspace - she thinks at this is the number that might tip the scale of the world to have us all living continually in ecstatic bliss. She believes we were meant to live in bliss and that is what all the ancient teachings lead to. Raw does this, yoga does, superfoods do.. But there is a lot in our culture which stops us - media, jobs we are unhappy with, stress, junk food - there are layers and layers of rubbish that we need to clear away. Then what we are left with a blank board that we are left with that we can fill up with positive things.

Bliss is a state where you don't have your head in a negative repetitive loop. It can only take one negative to start the loop. You can have 1000 positive things happen but you don't get that - a repetitive positive loop - but only 1 negative thing can put you there.
She says what happens is we have emotional holes and if we stitch them together then you can't get into the negative loop holes ..and then you are in bliss because nothing can touch you. You can live in the bliss and the art and the love that you see every day and you can count your blessings every single second of the day. She feels like shes the luckiest person alive.. but also feels everyone else is also, they just don't know it yet.

She has had emotional stuff to deal with, Evies father is not with them and she has been single for 4 years. But she has gone from self-pity to feeling blessed - because the universe is going to give her the very best guy and she believes she has to wait for this.

If you are living your truth, juggling your things and attracting pos people & things, then you don't even have to worry about neg people or things because they just dissolve away, you don't even notice or think about them.
You are being the beautiful divine being you were meant to be.

She was asked about selfishness..
If you are focusing on yourself, you are being the change. & if you can't get yourself right, how are you going to get anything else right.
(in other words.. selfishness is very important!- and is a very positive thing - our world has some things very mixed-up!)

One of the big challenges going raw is that you want everyone else to join you and feel what you are feeling. But its your path, not others. t's hjard to tell someone eating their warm comfort foods that your salad is so amazing. But if you are living in ecstatic bliss and look amazing and feel amazing, they might look and wonder what you are doing.

1 of the weird things is that schools don't teach conscious communication or respect for each other.. and then they expect us to go into society and act properly.. but until this happens the wars and the fighting is not going to stop. It doesn't take much to love. It talks a lot less energy to love than to hate.

Evie is still being breast fed. She didn't have any other food until 7 months old (her breastmilk dried up some from stress, when they started living on their own) she would mix papaya w/ breats milk & spirulina or something like this. Evie loved every new flavour, she is completely raw.
Her only problem is that she had anemia so Shazzie supplements with an ionic supplement, puts in her coconut water and a bone formula which has minerals & vit D2 in it. DHA is another supplement she is excited about and Evie gets that through Shazzie's breast milk, she takes a lot herself.
Shazzie thinks the raw vegan diet is not natural and that we get only a small amount of D2 from our diet and need to supplement through the sun or supplementation.

The natural hygiene stance is very different from hers. She lives on a high green, superfood and takes the supplements which work best for her.

For thousands of years we have had an agricultural based society which created this patriarchal left-brain society we live in where grain is the mainstay of out food. Changing our diet will lead us away from this, will create change. We are in the Goddess rising age and using our right brains more, many men understand this Goddess mentality.

B12 is interesting. Blue-green algae has B12 & she has supplemented on & off for 20 years but has never had a B12 deficiency. When you go to the garden & pick food & brush the dirt off you still get some, and the dirt has B12. The closer we get to nature the more we get it right.

One of the easiest things to do is eat a salad or green foods at every meal of the day. & eat raw chocolate, and goji berries, and maca! Eat those everyday.. these have elevated her to a new reality.

Every morning she starts her day with either her favorite music or motivational success speakers to start of right in a positive frame of mind.

Do a 2 week emotional detox and completely immerse yourself in positive stuff. Satiate yourself with positive sources, there are so many resources. We must get rid of the negative loop - it really will change you.
Doreen Virtue, Louise Hayes, Wayne Dyer, etc.. - this is the radio station you need to play every day.
& surround yourself with people who uplift you. You don't want to be around people who make you feel drained when you leave them. Spend your time with the people you most admire.

When you put a lot of positive in the negative just dissolves away. When you are overflowing with love, then you can handle negativity. People will change because of you. You can't change people when you are feeling negative yourself. ..when you haven't detoxed yourself.

When you live in ecstatic bliss you forget the past. forget about time. You lose linear time.

Program yourself constantly, detox yourself constantly. Get rid of all those things that are no longer working for you. A lot of people do & discover their true essence and its really amazing. She doesn't think she even existed before.

He Shou Wu - ecstatic, amazing Chinese herb. (aka Fo Ti, took some this morning.. inspired again! : )

The glass doesn't not have to be wither half full or half empty it can be overflowing.. all the time.
Keep raising yourself higher until you can never ever again not feel ecstatic, it is not possible.

Attitude is about perspective but you can not have a positive perspective unless you are detoxed.

Shazzie has a lot of goals. She wants to create the Heart Center - an amazing raw food community with a school teaching children about permaculture and yoga and reiki and a place where people can come from all over the world and visit or live. She wants to build houses in the forest and she is very into the Anastasia philosophy. She knows this is all going to happen because its in her consciousness. It's already happened, it's just not int he time she lives in right now.She can already feel it.

The people who are in the government and those that supposedly make the rules are in the minority and don't hold the cards anymore. There are a lot of people making a big difference, coming together. YouTube and MySpace etc have totally revolutionized the internet. People are finding so much information over the internet, finding the truth. Soon laws won't matter, that society will soon not exist. We will live in paradise. Shazzie is living in paradise already.

& if something big happens, the earth will take care of herself. & in one form or another the energy that we are will still be here. Whether its still as humans she doesn't know.
Maybe we are moving int such a new space and thats why we are not remembering the past.

I get all this time stuff! I love it & am esp. inspired how we can all make such a difference in the world. We really can, all of us!

Tonight is the wrap up for the raw summit. I will miss it but hopefully can catch it tomorrow. Tonight Tonya will be with us, (we are sold out!) & I will be there late.. am heading out there now. later... x ~hugs~ x
Live in Bliss

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