Friday, August 10, 2007

quick morning thoughts on consciousness, eating habits and amazing organic superfoods

I am a beautiful island.. ; ) that just popped in my head.
I love that I can come here & write anything I want..
I woke up very late this morning. I planned on writing about Dorit's talk last night.. which I listened to but I would have to think deep for that one.. so what I am going to do is think on the subway & come back tonight & post a bit from it then. I really want to because it was very interesting.I love Dorit. She calls us and comes to Toronto Sprouts occasionally and gives her Sacred Art workshops. She is an extremely conscientious, coscious person. She stayed in the beaches last time she was here so I got to drive her in & spend some time with her.. I helped prepare the food for her workshops. & actually, can't help plugging myself - ego boost - it was such a great compliment - she told me I made the best nori rolls she had ever had and that she was the nori queen and has had them everywhere, Julianos etc. forget all the places she mentioned.. cool, huh? but actually I think it was the intention in the food that she got, because she really is very sensitive.. and the nori she had I had made for her when she first got in, just off the plane, she was tired and I intentionally thought of her & of peaceful, healing, restful thoughts and not even knowing her at all put lots of love energy in as I made them. & She totally got it. : )

I was talking to Simon yesterday and he said something that got me thinking.. about how many people do not really think of nutrition when they eat. That most people are slightly conscious of it but usually they just get hungry and think they need to fill up and thats it. They don't think about what the food they are putting in is doing to them.. I guess they just figure their body is telling them to eat and thats enough to just feed it whatever.
Hmm. go figure. I was thinking this morning about my Dad. & about how he told me before about food being fuel. He was saying this while eating the healthy stuff Mom had out for him to eat, but then he would down bowls of ice cream and had a sweet tooth that was out of this world. It's kind of confusing our views on food.. where did we get so warped in our food choices.. so disconnected.

On the brighter side.. I had the most amazing heirloom tomato I ever had in my life last night. I got out of work early for a dentist appt & got to go to the market. Yay!!! new maca & gogis and cacao & mesquite and bee pollen, not to mention the beautiful veg & greens and garlic and .. oh I really should put in a garden. Time. sigh.. but it's really important. I do have lots of basil growing.
Oh & Jim, who is so amazing and so in my good books right now came home with a case of these most beautiful wild organic blueberries last night - 90$ a case! He is so getting it. It used to be that organics were a big deal and an issue between us, then it was plastic bags. etc etc.. and now he just seems to be snowballing with consciousness.. or maybe he just knew it would make me really, really happy.

Times up.. have to run & get to work.. will post just the best of Dorit - the parts I liked the best, tonight. Have a spectacular and very conscientious day!! Hugs to everyone!

oh, ps.. one more thing. I decided from lack of time to try something different this morning instead of my usual green smoothie. I bought some MSM powder before I left for NB which has been sitting in my cupboard. I have never really tried it before.. & it has been sitting here. so, I took some MSM and phytoplankton in water, drank it (didn't taste bad at all, almost tasteless) and had a couple kelp tabs that I took with another glass of water before typing this.. I feel something great going on here.
I am going now to go take some maca & bee pollen and get to work. I am blessed that I can make a green smoothie there later! k, flying off now.. have a great one.. much love!

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