Thursday, August 16, 2007

Raw Summit - Matt Monarch

Last night it was Matt Monarch on the raw summit. His story is that he went raw overnight. We have similiar stories actually in that we both went from a conventional SAD diet, knowing nothign about Raw - and once we heard about it went raw overnight and that was it - no going back. We never previously knew that there could be this way of being and living and feeling. Neither he nor I suffered from any illnesses. I personally was happy with my weight, m energy level was high, I was happy with life.. but then I went raw & wow! a whole new level of existence happened. So I can really relate to Matt when he talks.. but he started a few years before me.

He had read the book Become Younger by Dr Norman Walker and that night went raw, he never ate cooked foods again. He says he was fanatical about it. For 4 years he ate the purest foods he could find. He didn't even go to raw restaurants or eat dehydrated foods.. he was detoxing hardcore and at first he went through having gas, running to the bathroom. (That is true if you go 100% overnight, it happens!, trust me I know.. I wasn't going anywhere esp 1st thing in the morning! lol ) But he talks about how going 100% like that also gives you a 100% transformation & not only physically but emotionally & spiritually.. you go into this bliss state. The most positive aspect of going raw is the spiritual dimension.

& then he talked about after being raw for 6 months he did the most extreme psyllium-bentonite cleanse, (this cleanses out the colon - bentonite is a clay that is known to remove mucoid plaque from the colon walls) So he does this extreme cleanse of not eating anything for 7 days and drinking the psyllium & bentonite 5 x a day!!!& he was doing colonics. The interesting thing is that he was saying you would not expect a young person like him to have accumulated much but on the last day of the cleanse gobs & gobs of this mucoid plaque came out of him.. and he started getting a vibration right in the middle of his forehead.

Anothe rbook by Norman Walker told him that the pineal gland is the organ that receives cosmic energy & if the thalmus didn'tbuffer it it would completely disintegrate because of how powerful it is. ..but the way it works is that it gets filtered and absorbed by the rest of the body.

He talked about all the other diets out there and that many of them work.. the Atkins, the South Beach, the macrobiotic.. but the thing they have in common & the reason they work is that they all are leaving something out of the diet (usually refined sugars and starches)
It is a lot more important what you leave out of the diet than what you are putting in. Thats the key. Matt breaks food down into 4 groups. Animal products, dairy, refined sugar and starches and raw foods. #1 best group to leave out is the refined s's, then dairy, then animal protein..

It is not necessary to go 100% raw to heal the body, many people do so on an intermediate raw diet.
He doesn't believe in overeating fruit - too much sugar, sugar ferments & can make the body acidic. (I differ from him here, I eat a lot of fruit - maybe some of us need more - fast metabolism etc)
Cacao - he thinks of it now more as a party drug for him, it does for him now more what wine used to do for him. He says he did massive amounts of cacao fr a month and then after detoxed like crazy.. but he wasn't sure if he was detoxing the cacao or if the cacao was the cause of the detoxification process in his body.

It was interesting hearing about a male view on raw, esp in regard to sex etc. He said when he was a cooked foodist he was checking out every girl that walked by, their bodies etc.. not that hes raw he looks at women differently.. more like a work of art, hes not as crazy about it. He neds to ejaculate less.. he felt more primal as cooked... & not to get him wrong about it cause he still gets primal, and has lots & Lots of energy in bed etc but he is not all hung up about sex all the time 24/7 & he feels now he is more like how we are supposed to be. Makes sense to me. ( I like the work of art bit, he's good! lol)

Matt is huge on juicing - says he drinks 2 lg 16 oz glasses a day. I just heard that he & Angela Stokes (who is into juice feasting & on the summit tonight) just got engaged. Juicing always seems like such a good way to go, it is high in everyones books I think. & also important he talked about

Enzymes - metabolic enzymes and digestive enzymes. Enzymes are a big thing in the raw food movement, esp digestive enzymes.. but he uses metabolic enzymes and on an empty stomach 3 x a day. Metabolic enzymes are so powerful they can dissolve cancerous tumors in the body. Enzymes are used for everything in the body, every movement and function from walking to breathing to digesting and they can actually repair damage done to the body. It takes a few metabolic enzymes to convert to a digestive enzyme. It sounds that by taking the metabolic type its like going to the big guy, going up the ladder, yk?

He also talked about meditation which he is got very into when he went raw. He would concentrate on the energy in his body while meditating, feel everything and if anything did not feel good he would focus his energy there. We have nerve endings in our feet, hands, colon, eyeballs and there is a big know of nerves located in our solar plexus area. When he was meditating he would often notice a point of pain in this area and his focus would go there. He knew if he was going to achieve vibrant health he would have to get a hold of this situation. He was a bundle of nerves. But he foud as he meditated and focused his attention on any negative thought or feeling that this focus would get rid of it.

After going raw he really noticed his emotions - all of them, love, sorrow, happiness, anxiety in his body - his system was more open. He would watch the emotions and not become them. He became more calm, more loving. He says the cleaner he is and the better he eats the simpler and easier meditation is.

Have a spectacular day.. rushing off to work now.. luego amigos!

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