Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tonya Zavasta

Last week Tonya Zavasta gave a lecture at work - Toronto Sprouts. She was amazing.. what a powerhouse. She is such a great speaker ..and very funny.

But she hit on some really interesting topics. Tonya has advanced degrees in engineering and mathematics. & she really, & very intelligently, gets into the science and study of raw.

She mentioned how mathematics and science are so different. Math is based on 7 basic facts. It is logical and never changes. For example, the Pythagorean theorem is the same now as it was 2000 years ago & will be the same 2000 years from now. Science on the other hand is about collecting data in an experiment, which comes up with a suggestion. These experiments can be twisted around and almost anything can be proven one way or another depending on how it is looked at.

She has also found that the science behind nutrition and health is based on studies done on people who are cooked foodists and generally sick. What our science has for her, doesn't work she has found out ..Tonya has had many surgeries and operations to correct a physical deformity that she was born with in her hips. For example they would want to put her on kumadin, a blood thinner - but she would not agree.. and the they thought the vegetables juices she makes ad drinks would do the same thing, thin the blood.. but they didn't realize that it wouldn't thin her blood as she didn't have thick blood, they just assume everyone does. ..and then she found out much later that kumadin could be fatal to someone who eats a lot of green leafy vegetables (& then they would probably blame the vegetables! ; )

This was probably the most interesting thing I got from the night.. the realization of how different raw foodists bodies are compared to the average cooked diet body.
She said that when venturing on the superhealth highway, you are on your own. There is no research done.
Another example is drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. A raw foodist drinking too much can put a lot of stress on the kidneys. & show up as eyebags. She also mentioned a few people who died from water toxicity, drinking too much.

She showed amazing pictures showing the difference between a raw clean blood cell ad a cooked one. What a difference.. beautiful nice perfectly round slightly indented red circles separated from each other vs the cooked foodists bluish globby, lumpy, bumpy mass of stuff stuck together, it was literally like night & day.. they didn't even look like the same entities.
& she mentioned how the raw foodists blood cell count is very low.. but its not because they are not there, its because they are not needed continually, like in a cooked persons body where they are continually trying to clean up the blood. cooked food is poison. When we need our white blood cells they are abundant.. its just that the body is smart enough to know not to make them and have them all out when not needed.
The really sad part though is that most children have that blue sticky blood. This blood is evident for 5 - 20 years before a disease will show up. Its all about keeping the blood clean, if we can do this then illness is almost impossible.

Then she showed the colon pics.. wow! The 1st pink colon actually did look beautiful after seeing the rest of the deformed ones. and she mentioned a doctor she talked to who said in working with them for 25 years has never seen a healthy one.

The good news.. all conditions ca be reversed.. and in only 3 weeks!
A deformed colon can be reversed in several years. The colon is a muscle.. it will improve over time with work.. like building any muscle, it takes time and work. (eating healthy foods)

Tonya starts her day with juice. She drinks 2 large glasses of juice every day. She says that she can tell almost 99% of the time who the juicers are, they all have a really healthy glow. She also drinks green smoothies. Only a handful of nuts.. she eats a lot of greens! & she says that after 10 years raw she has no mucus in her body and everything that she eats gets absorbed. It takes awhile to get to that stage, to clear the body out so the nutrients get absorbed.. and its not about how much you get, its about how much you absorb.

On an average diet you are never nutritionally satisfied.
On a raw diet you are always nutritionally satisfied.

She says it is important to keep upgrading your diet when raw to get the anti-aging benefits to really kick in.

Our organs get smaller when we are raw.

Food allergies are one of the 1st things to go, they are the easiest to get rid of.
She was asked about healing a lot of illnesses ad always answered to just google the name of the illness or disease ad raw foods ad she guaranteed 100% that they would find a source and information about someone who has healed themselves of it.

She talked about scientists on a hunt to find a way to stop us from aging.. finding this gene or stem cell or..l
But the answer was found 70 years ago. They put mice on a calorie restricted diet. They fed them 70% of their diet and they lived 40% longer.
& eating raw. But the raw diet is not as popular because people can do this by themselves.. there is o money to be made in this.
but its obvious.
What has less calories than the raw diet? - Nothing
What has more nutrients than the raw diet? - Nothing

But at first when you go raw it can see like everything is against you.. your body is against you, your mind is, your family is - they all think you're nuts. But the your body becomes your biggest allie. Your organs inside become beautiful.

All the while you were feeding toxins into your body before they were being pushed to the periphery of your body to keep them away from your vital organs. All the varicose veins you've developed, pimples, poor skin, sore joints.. they will all start healing and feeling and looking better once they are allowed to be cleaned out by eating more pure foods.

Your face shape changes on the raw diet. Your eyes get more round and larger. Eyebrows lift. The 3000 square inches of your skin will all improve. While your peers are finding new moles, you will find your skin irregularities disappearing. Fatty deposits disappear. Things go to their right spots. You have a glow, this comes from the inside.

Raw beauty is a symptom of superior health.
After 40 when you look healthy, people say its beautiful.

Ok, Mom this one was for you! I knew you were interested in this one. ..and it took me longer than usual to post about it. But so much going on. & even last night I went out late.. went to the Rivoli to see Carioca. (Kaiya was so funny.. "Mom, could you at least please phone me when you are going to be out late!" That sounded so funny - she just wanted a drive somewhere.. but I laughed)
It was such a great night though. Carioca is awesome! ..amazing bringing it all back too. wow.

Oh & 1 more thing.. Fatma has a pic of me & Linda & Tonya from last week & a post about the night here.

Enjoy and have a beautiful, deep and illuminating day!


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