Sunday, August 12, 2007

..just a little travel break

I am listening to Victoria (Raw Summit) and going through e-mails - this is my fav one of the eve, from my very fun & constantly traveling friend.

After struggling through the mountains of Mongolia on my sturdy stolen Buddhist bicycle, I arrived in Kashmir and became a devotee of the Moghul Katmandu, He Who Is Happy About Nothing In Particular. I meditated upon the Sameness of Equality and the Equanimity of Unanimity until Truth became Inquiry and matter and consciousness deconstructed and I was able to finally get a job on his hashish ranch. "Themogh" gave me a very trusted and well-paid position as a drug mule, during which I swallowed a dozen walnuts and was given a ticket on the Trans Siberian Express to make a journey to Berlin, where apparently i will be met by a trusted confidante of He W.I.H.A.N.I.P. I am not really feeling like going to the bathroom anyway, so I have my ticket and I will try to keep in touch thru Sowiet Union computer terminals stationed along the way. Hope all is well with you and yr Mum!

(..hope you didn't mind me posting that.. but hey, you know me! ; ) Big Smiles & Love!
(& afternote: OMG I can't even send the next one.. even further out there! lol. I am blessed to have friends with huge imaginations! luvulots!)

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