Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Raw Summit - Richard Blackman

Richard Blackman is a fruitarian and a fitness expert.
He has always been into fitness and sports, it ran in his family. He is fom the UK & played on the ivy league and played rugby for Great Britian. He had a neck injury at age 19 and stopped playing rugby. But when he was playing he was training a lot and was long distance running.. he ran so much that he vowed to himself that when he stopped playing rugby he wouldn't run again & when that happened, he got lazy. Those who play rugby (like American football) eat a lot to bulk up and get bigger .. he says that he ate a lot of junk. & the problem was when he stopped exercising he didn't stop eating. So he wasn't cleaning out his system by exercising. His idea of eating healthy at the time was a cheese sandwich with maybe a bit of lettuce.. and he never ate fruits.

He started feeling sickness in his body and noticing the mucous in his nose, throat and chest. And when he tried to get more active he found it harder to move or get motivated.
Then one day the sun came out & he didn't want to eat cooked food. His instincts just took over. He hopped on his bike and went to a West Indian market and bought a whole bunch of fruits.. he just felt like eating fruit.. mangoes, honeydew melons, grapes, even fresh dates, had only had them dried before.. and it felt so good that he went the next day and got different fruits and this continued on for a few weeks, every day trying new things. & he started detoxing a Lot! says he became a complete mess.

He is passionately against the gourmet raw foods and how the raw communities are going. To him its all about going back to nature, eating from a tree or bush.. naturally. Not creating raw recipes that are oily, fatty.. like raw pizzas, lasagnas.. they are just replicas of what we are trying to get away from.

His Top Benefits of being a Friutarian :
clearance of debris, of cooked food waste, much clearer skin, healthier mouth, fresh insides, your whole body goes through an overhaul from head to toe, your hair, nails, everything, you smell better. Your thinking will be clearer. You will be more motivated to get active. He can do things now that he could never do when on cooked food, period. Even when playing rugby he didn't come close to what he can do now as a fruitarian, definitely. ..and hes a lot older now. Thats the hugest benefit for him.. and his mindset. If he thinks of doing something now he just does it.

He believes this is natural for us, a high standard of living. Cooked food gives us limitations. He feels that naturally, back in the day, we were all fruitarians, foraging for food..and that we were probably all from sunny climates.

He was asked what are the best fruits for power, for building strength.
he replied that power is not about fruits, its from you cleansing. No fruit or food gives you power, it comes from you. ..and from your digestion not being overloaded.
Our job is to listen to the body and give it what it wants. If you have been out working in the hot sun then you might want watermelon or juicy fruits. Most people live the raw lifestyle according to cooked food standards. Our job is only to replace what is lost, it's that simple.

He does not believe that you need protein for muscle building. If you eat a lot of meat and cooked foods you will get bigger, and all the things that go with it, water retention. and you will need to drink a lot of water to dilute all the toxic waste. And with all this food you are not building real muscle per se.. because if you stop pumping yourself up and eating the cooked food you are going to get smaller. period.

The boot camp he runs is an outdoor exercise program where a bunch of like-minded individuals get together, can be either for weight loss or to get fit. The idea there is to push yourself harder than you ever have before and to push each other as a team. At his last one there were 9-10 raw vegans and they totally smashed the idea of the weak, sickly raw vegan. He sets a very high intensity and they totally outdid themselves. And they had a raw pot-luck after that sounded like so much fun!!!

His saying is "Strive for excellence"
But this is not about being a hero or a super-hero. It's about getting back on that horse every time you slip and doing your personal best, not his or anyone else's best but doing the best that you can do.

You can NOT be successful in a raw-vegan-fruitarian lifestyle by being a regular person using regular efforts. You have to be an exceptional person. period. Thats why many people are not successful on the raw-vegan-fruitarian lifestyle.

It is the toxins in the body that makes the mind negative.

There is lots more about his transition period that is interesting.. but time for work.
His main thing is that he follows his instincts.. even if they told him not to be a fruitarian anymore, he would follow them. He was his own guru. No one else had the answers from him, it all came from inside, from his instincts. He used to eat according to his emotions and to suppress emotions, eat if he was stressed, or angry, or happy, or of a relationship was on the rocks.
Going through the transitional period is a real struggle, freaking out over every ache and pain. You don't get a chance to listen to the body until it is cleared out.. not in tune to the true vibration of the body..

But for lots more check out his website.
It is mostly about his boot camps but its interesting. Checkout the page on nutrition- the right stuff and it really ain't rocket science!
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