Monday, August 27, 2007

Ayahuasca journey - part 1

(note: due to the sesitive and personal nature of this little adventure of mine I am editing a major part out - Aug 29, 07, kt)

I am back & almost ready to tell of my ayahuasca journey.
It was deep, deep, Deep!!!
It was the most spiritual thing I have ever encountered.
I think of ayahuasca now more as a medicine than a drug.
I am still recovering, twice this morning I found myself with tears welling up. I am so glad I have the day off. I am going to describe it but not post a link or anything so obvious Ayahuasca is still illegal here in Canada. I just heard it was legalized in the US this year.. for ceremonies or religious purposes or something like that.

Ayahuasca was a psychedelic trip like no other I have encountered. & I've encountered a lot..
But nowhere did I see anything even remotely close to this. but I am going to start at the beginning. This was really, really crazy.. Mi-san & I were killing ourselves in the car just recollecting things and talking about it all.. The twinkle, twinkle little star song sang by children to a funky Tribal SA beat early in the morning as the sun was rising. It was so far out & illuminating.. and fun, really, really fun.. and hard.
Really hard, I will do it again.. but I don't want to for about a year. Mi-San said it's kind of like having a baby isn't it? ..& in one way it is.

-Insert 2 hour break here to go get groceries with my friend & neighbour and come back & have lunch. Delicious collard & iceberg lettuce wraps with I have a mixture in the fridge, I have posted before that I love.. you just take equal amounts Brazil nuts & sun-dried tomatoes & process together till it blends together, starts to ball up.. so that was in the wrap with slices of amazing local tomatos, pea green sprouts and marinated shitakes. I posted this before but will tell you again - cause it is also so amazing - marinate in olive oil (or garlic-chili flax oil if you can get it), nama shoyu, chopped
garlic, powdered cardamom, cumin & cayenne.
I am so hungry today!!!

My reality has once again been shattered and I find myself once again picking up the pieces and putting it all back in a new configuration.

I am going to tell you though a bit about the ceremony, quite fascinating! & my experience.. some of it. But my friend called (& coincidentally I was off browsing about a curandera giving ayahuasca & she had given me the name curandera long ago.. and I was feeling some connection & then she called. ) not so surprising but always so cool! .. shes from deep down South America, Uruguay.. and I am going to go meet her right now, cause she has the day off.. & I want to see her & be inspired again to learn Spanish, she always does that. part 2 coming soon! Ciaouuuuu

Ayahuasca Curandera Norma Panduro Havarro

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