Sunday, November 02, 2008

WOW!! - Wild Organic Way Cafe

It was Halloween and my friend & I made the trip to Guelph to eat at WOW - Wild Organic Way Cafe.. I had been wanting to come here for well over a year but it is quite a drive and life has been busy, what else.. But, I am so glad we went.. it was incredible!! Loved the food, the atmosphere, the people.. Corinne is sooo wonderful. & so interesting. We were so hungry when we got there and ordered 3 entrees: the Tacos, the Almond Cheeze Burger plate and the special of the day the Rohwurst, served with sauerkraut and carmelized onions (dehydrated of course!)
I loved the onions and ordered more ..and marinated mushrooms for the cheezeburger.

It was so great.. the pic below only captures a bit of the ambiance.. there were more beautiful mosaic tables behind us and many more beautiful paintings around the place. I loved it so much.. am hoping I can go back for my birthday in a few weeks!!! (I held off on the chocolate cake for that intention! ; )
The Almond Cheeze Burger plate (all entrees came with a beautiful, delicious sprout salad) This was my favorite entree I think (but all good!!):

The Tacos, this was my friends fav - a Corn-Flax Tortilla filled with refried beans (sunflower/sun-dried tomatoes), guacamole and salsa.

The Special of the day - the Rohwurst. We couldn't finish everything so we had this packed up and it was the perfect thing to come down with (grounding) after realy intensive spiritual journeying yesterday - All Saints Day.. had a plan and saved this and bought lots of treats for last night: hemp balls, macaroons, date bars - I can't even tell you how good the hemp balls and date bars are!! Exactly what we needed last night!

Dessert - we ordered their most delicious Lemon Poppyseed Cake - Incredible!!

Mmm... with Yerba Mate and White tea..

It was such a beautiful day and experience!! Much Thanks to Corinne and Shannon and all the staff and people who put the love into the food and made such an experience possible!!! xo, Coming back soon!!

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