Saturday, November 22, 2008

9 Breaths of Amazing Grace

I have just set up my 1st affiliate program. I have found a lot of deep knowledge from Success Ultra Now, which combines some very powerful empowering and healing techniques available - including Huna and Ho'oponopono.
This is one product - teaching and healing system - which really works for me!
I bought the initial SUN cd (4 copies- for me & my fav people! ; ) when they first came out and now am excited to listen and follow the
9 Breaths of Amazing Grace.

This follows the book released earlier this year "Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles
of Living in Natural Magic" by David Wolfe and Nick Good - which I loved!!

& now, whether you have or haven't read it - there is a special 90 minute webcast hosted by David Wolfe and Nick Good to share their experiences with Amazing Grace.
It is Live Tuesday, November 25th and will be available until Wed evening at midnight!

In this Special One-Time-Only Video Webcast:
Activating the Superhero - David and Nick will be sharing all the latest
leading edge information from their research on:

* Raw Foods
* Superior Health
* Spirituality
* Superfoods
* Psychology
* Law of Attraction
* And more... help you Activate the Superhero within you!


This event is FREE and open to everyone.

Register Here for the webcast:

To get a free SNEAK PREVIEW of Nick Good's latest program: The 9 Breaths of Amazing Grace click here (or on the 9 breaths image on the upper right hand side of this page.)

You'll get to check out 5 audio files from this empowering and inspiring 41-track audio program, designed to help you master your mind, open your heart, and experience a state of Amazing Grace.

Its fantastic and important information!

Success Ultra Now| 9 Breaths of Amazing Grace


Anonymous said...

hello. i just bought the 9 breaths of Amazing Grace and i was under the impression that an email is sent immediately but all i have is the receipt. how did you receive your product? did it get delivered to your email account or mailbox? your help would be greatly appreciated as im eager to begin this wonderful transformative experience.

Thanks Again

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Hi Amanda, I did receive the link ..but my computer shut down without bookmarking it so I had to e-mail to get the link again also. I have forwarded your comment over to them.. but will probably need you e-mail address for them to send you the link again also.
Send me an e-mail at so I will have your address to send over to them.
Maybe send your receipt # also & I can just forward it.
Peace & blissful radiance! : )