Monday, November 03, 2008

Transformational Breathing - it's what's inside that counts!

I keep forgetting to put on make up lately. Thats a pretty big deal for me.. I have always worn it, used to be a cosmetologist and taught in a modeling agency, long, long time ago, runway, photography, make-up! - always loved make-up. It's fun. & I have always appreciated little old ladies with blue hair and eye shadow and those people who totally over do it, like in the gym, lol and very dramatic people ..but really, to be honest I never used to even go to the corner store without it.. in my 20's, 30's and now I am in my 40's and not just intentionally not wearing it, but forgetting it.. and happy to look in the mirror and see a different, natural reflection. It's ok, better than that, it's good.

But I did color my hair red this morning, just a wash-out, nothing too toxic. I love my natural color, and my greys, I appreciate them.. but this is a fun change.. & temporary

but about the make up..?? Last weekend in Montreal, I left my makeup behind - & just thought "ok, so the universe wants nothing between me & the 'medicine'." Huge healing ceremony.. & I did a fair amount of crying, so no mascara was a good thing! But now, same thing.. I keep forgetting it..and even I went intentionally to go get it this morning and it fell out of the car , hmmm..

but thats just minor external stuff.. what has really been on my mind is Breathing.
I am so, so, so conscious of my breathing lately - & it seems like a very important thing to keep aware of. ..because often if you don't you end up with very shallow breathing.. and when you are more conscious of it your breath becomes deep.. breathing exercises are great..
I watched a video here - a discussion on breathing with Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy and Robert Winn, a breath expert. They talk about natural, circular and pranic breathing.

Respiration = our connection to Spirit

Most people breathe backwards and restrict their diaphragms.. the breath should be first going into the belly, then up into the chest.

Inhaling/Exhaling = yang, masculine, active vs yin, feminine, letting go - breathing is all about life..

We become more conscious and present when we are aware of the breathe. It connects us to our bodies. It allows us to move energy through the body.

Pranic brathing is the connection with the Creator, with all that is, (pranic is a vedic term, which means life force)
You breathe relates to how you live. If you breathe is full and strong you and your life will be full and strong. If it is shallow, jagged, not consistent, you life is likely not grounded and haphazard.

Breath is vibration.. and can connect you to deeper consciousness and awareness. Deep breathing aligns
you with the Source and you become more fully yourself and enliven your unique expression of creation.

Robert Winns Spirit in Motion site is about Transformational Breathing and has free Breathing Lessons.


Reb said...

Robin, your natural reflection is
so inspiring! Breathing exercises
so vital! Thank you, Reb

Mariam said...

Hey! My name is Mariam and i'm from Switzerland.. I regulary pass on your blog which is really enriching and delightful!! By the way you said you are in your 40's?? Despite it you look so fresh, pretty, young and toned up!!!!

Have a great continuation!
By the way if you are on i'd love to add you!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Thank you Reb!! : )
Yes, it's amazing how easy it is to forget about the breathing.. the most important thing there is - & water.. whats up with that. But it's good, keeps us conscious! )

Hi Mariam,
Thank you for the beautiful compliments. I don't act my age either.. maybe thats it. lol

I am just registering at ..I see it's powered by Zaadz, (which I was a member of). I am on facebook also under Robin Keiko Gregory (just in case you are on that. ~Hugs~ so nice to meet you, Thanks for commenting! R

Anonymous said...


Day and night, no difference.
The sun *is* the moon: an amalgam.
Their gold and silver melt together.

This is the season when
the dead branch and the green branch
are the same branch.

Nightmares fill with light like a holiday.
Humans and angels speak one language.
The elusive ones finally meet.

Good and evil, dead and alive,
everything blooms
from one natural stem.

You know this already, I'll stop.
Any direction you turn
it's one vision.

as translated and rendered by Coleman Barks and David Ulansey

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Beautiful- Thank you!!
Love, R