Thursday, November 06, 2008

Local and Organic.. mostly

Tomorrow there is a raw pot-luck at Toronto Sprouts and I am thinking about what to bring. Alana suggested an Apple Crumble and I haven't made that in a long time.. maybe with some berries in it. But now I am thinking of a Tropical Fruit Crumble and want to experiment with that! & I found these incredible Haitian mangoes, and great tropical fruit.. sometimes I feel a little bad about buying produce from so far away ..but I'd feel worse about buying carrots from China, (thats just crazy!!) at least mangoes don't grow here.. and it'll get my by once in awhile until I can get down there! ; ) Oh & I want to make a Raspberry Sauce and Cashew Cream toppings.. but time. Just a thought but hopefully I have time to make them after work tonight to bring to the pot luck after work tomorrow night - & I'll even get in a few minutes to post pics to you guys! cool.

Now. speaking of local food I went last night to a Local and Organic food event held at the Center for Social Innovation on Spadina - such an awesome space and concept. It's a convergence hub that sparks, connects and supports world changing people and ideas. They provide shared space and services to over 85 social mission groups & acts as a community center for social innovators & helps to launch new entrepreneurial and collaborative projects.
It's an amazing resource in Toronto that I have been hearing quite a bit about lately. Gotta look more into this place.

Some of the things going on and info..

Not Far From The Tree - loved this one!! Where I lived in the beaches there were lots of fruit trees which dropped fruit all over and got squished into sidewalks.. some of us would enjoy some of it, but there was lots!! & this is such a great idea. You can donate the fruit from trees on your property, which will go to shelters and local food banks - you get to keep 1/3 of the fruit and they will leave your yard clean from fallen fruit.
contact to register your fruit tree.

Book Release Party coming up at the Center for Edible Action - Food Activism and Alternative Choices by Sally Miller ISBN- 978 1552662809 on Fri, Nov 14th

Canada's Greenest Fashion and Beauty Events - Fashion Takes Action

Raindance Cosmetics

My Left Breast - Eco-Clean Living Products and After Breast Surgery Services
no website listed contact
Peterborough Clinic, 26 Hospital Drive, Suite 107, Peterborough On
ph# 705-876-3333, cel# 868-8534

Toronto Cyclists Union - Safe Streets, A Healthy City, A Vibrant Voice

Karma Co-Op in the Annex. This has been going strong for over 35 years. It's located at 739 Palmerston Ave. It's a great organic market!

Local Food Plus - is an award winning non-profit organization that brings farmers and consumers to the table to share in the benefits of environmentally and socially responsible food production. We are committed to building and fostering local sustainable food systems by certifying farmers and processors and linking them with local purchasers.

Local Food Plus's 10 Guiding Principles:

As part of LFP’s goal of helping to build local sustainable food systems, we have developed a set of overarching principles that guide our work, actions, and standards.

  1. Link local food producers and eaters to boost community, health, and environmental benefits.
  2. Reduce the distance between farmers and eaters to promote vibrant regional economies.
  3. Reduce or eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
  4. Reduce agriculture pollution by protecting and conserving soil and water resources.
  5. Promote safe and fair working conditions for farm workers and viable incomes for farmers.
  6. Raise animals in humane conditions without the use of growth stimulating hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or animal by-products.
  7. Conserve and enhance wildlife habitat and ecological diversity.
  8. Reduce the use of fossil fuels throughout the entire food chain.
  9. Produce crops and raise animals without the use of genetic engineering.
  10. Encourage closed-looped systems that conserve and recycle nutrients.


Anonymous said...

Toronto Cyclists Union: I think that is "safe" streets, but I like the idea of "sage"streets too...
- rick

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

oops.. Thanks Rick, fixed my error ; ) That was kind of a good one though! ..sometimes I write these things so fast! Cheers!