Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Jaguar Path

I am at a shamanic yoga workshop this weekend:

The Jaguar Path
a fusion of Yoga and Shamanism
taking place at the Sananda Yoga Studio today & tomorrow - Saturday and Sunday

In these two sessions we will experience yoga practice and mystical shamanic journeys to heal our past,and nourish our future, leading us to power and enhanced perception.

Ray will addresses the three perceptual states of mind, body, and soul.

  • MIND: through lectures in clarification of yogic terms such as chakras, nadis, samskaras, energy body, etc.
  • BODY: through yoga asana, and the Jaguar Moves accessing energy.
  • SOUL: through shamanic journey in soul retreival and chakra clearing.

I had a black jaguar run with me through the jungle in my shamanic journey this afternoon - isn't he beautiful?!!

Yogis and shamans are one and the same; they are men and women who study the human condition and through their practices become their own teachers and healers.The Yogic path as shamanism leads to the understanding of this world as a matrix of energies and offers techniques on how to intervene on the realm of mind, body and spirit in order to acquire healing and enhanced perception.

Yoga and Shamanism are two ancient systems of healing and living that enable us to realize mundane life as a profound and mystical experience. The yogic world refers to this as the path to enlightenment, the Shamanic world calls this the path to enhanced perception. Both of these spiritual traditions cultivate the understanding and experience of the energy field that creates the Matrix, our body, and our luminous sphere. The purpose of this work is to serve personal and planetary healing.

Ray H. Crist, the founder of Jaguar Path, is a certified Hatha yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance. Ray has studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo with The Four Winds Society, and has teachers he visits often in Peru and South Mexico. He has received his initiation as a healer and teacher in the Andes by the Q'uero Indians. Ray holds a degree in Chinese Medicine herbology, and a degree in teacher training of Thai Yoga (Bo Ran northern style). He is a Reiki practictioner. He currently teaches at Kripalu Center. His first practice was in martial arts: Tai Chi (chuan) and Kung-Fu (wu shu). Ray is now based in the Berkshires and travels the world with his workshops. For more information please visit

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