Saturday, October 13, 2007

Moms new website and Pumpkin Pie

My internet was down yesterday morning.. (mercury!?) and I am being so slow this morning. Do you ever have times like that when you just move slow.. it doesn't happen very often to me..but here I am wanting to write a post but just feeling more in a yin, feeling , inactive space rather than in yang action mode. ..But, esp so Mom doesn't start worrying about me (lol) here goes:
Oh, btw, her new website is up or almost up -

It used to be just about her art, which is amazing.. but now it is about raw foods also.. and visionary living! Cool!
& ps - for those who don't know my life story yet, we went raw together, over 2 1/2 years ago - Shes actually the one who started this whole thing!!

I brought a raw pumpkin pie into work yesterday.. it was an experiment.. and I am hesitant to post the recipe because I want to experiment with other ingredients in the filling -like avocado and pine nuts with the pumpkin - but everyone loved this one so Ill post it cause it will be a little while before I experiment again. I have a busy schedule coming up. But I promised I would - someone wanted the recipe ; ) .

& ps another great thing about being a raw foodist.. we were at work eating the pie right out of the pie plate and I offered to go get a clean fork for someone & she says.. "..But I want your cooties - You have "Super" cooties!"
: ) LOL

Pumpkin Pie

2 c almonds
1/2 c dates
dash of cinnamon & salt

Thats it.. Blend together in a food processor.
You can use other kinds of nuts if you like. Experiment - I actually used 1 1/2 c almonds and 1/2 c walnuts in the one I just made - Its all good! (& good for you!)
Press out using hands and fingers to cover base and edges of 2 pie plates.

3 c pumpkin
1 c coconut
1 c dates
1 T cinnamon
3/4 ginger grated
1/2 t nutmeg and salt
1/8 t cloves

Process the pumpkin and coconut through a juicer with a blank plate and then puree all the ingredients together in a food processor.

So, thats it.. Easy!!!
Hey, now pie really is easy..
"Easy as pie" doesn't really make sense in the cooked food world. ; )

Wow, I am up to my last pic already.. and so many more things.. just when I get on a role it's time to go.
Oh, the Arcturian event was great Thurs eve!!! I bought a set of cards and the game and all the Arcturian toys to play with at home. I am so excited about the full day event tomorrow. My husband laughs at me, he said "I used to hear about people like you" I am not exactly sure what he meant by that.. but I took it as a compliment.

I am so amused by so many things these days.

Have an amusing, fun, intoxicating and mysterious day!!!!

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cŸAN said...

Poor scapegoat Mercury ... sorry I missed a day, oh well I will make it up in another lifetime. We are getting there, ie. JGdotCA. So here goes ... girl

October 12 - The Sun makes a waning trine to Neptune retrograde on October 12 at 19/20 degrees Libra-Aquarius. This aspect comes right after Mercury changes direction so be cautious and aware of word games. People might state the “correct” words but do your feelings match up with what is being said? If not, address it.
Sun in Libra can sometimes want peace to the extent of compromising on its own needs. Neptune in Aquarius can take the detachment road and pretend it does not care. When we try to operate solely in our heads, our emotional body can rise up and slam us with the intensity of how we really feel. This could happen with Mercury stationary retro in Scorpio. So, honor that emotional body!
Sun and Neptune are in air signs so the energy is there to talk it out. What are your relationship ideals? Where is your life falling short of that? What must change? Play around with ideas here and see if you can come up with a plan. If you keep getting messages about things needing change in your relating patterns, it is time to make the effort. Friends could become lovers and lovers could go back to friendship. Both directions are Ok as long as it works for you and honors your emotional needs.
The weakness with trines is laziness. We know what to do next yet we procrastinate and wait for a square or opposition to motivate us. Know minimal efforts with trines can create maximum results, energy efficiency in whatever way you choose to expend your energy. Detach, make and plan and act. You can adjust it through the Mercury retro cycle.
October 13/14 - Venus makes the third and final conjunction to Saturn on October 13/14 at 4/5 degrees Virgo. The earlier conjunctions were July 1 and August 13 in Leo. This is where we can set intent to be responsible for any and all of our essential needs. As rulers of the earth signs (physical practicalities) Taurus and Capricorn respectively, Venus and Saturn now in another earth sign – Virgo – have NO excuses.
The first two conjunctions in Leo could have shown us the emerging needs coming to the surface. This is what I want, Leo. Now though, in Virgo, we must make the effort to create it ourselves. This is a strong message for social maturation that has us becoming a part of the world in order to function in it and create whatever we do indeed want. Saturn is fresh in Virgo for the next two-plus years, and Jupiter and Pluto will soon follow into Capricorn. Get ready for big-time reality checks.
The earth signs force us to get real, and function within the space/time medium we find ourselves in. We can get all judgmental about it, or claim victimization, or make excuses with this last Venus-Saturn conjunction in Virgo. Or, we can accept responsibility for creating whatever realities are in our face, outer reflecting inner. We can take responsibility for consciously and unconsciously improving our world, however we each need to do so.
Another very deep Venus-Saturn message in Virgo is unconditional love for our selves, right now, wherever we find ourselves in the world. No more excuses to be nicer to our selves when we are thinner, richer, happier, etc. Self-love now! Complete responsibility for our selves gives us complete freedom. This includes the freedom to change from our foundation of self-acceptance and self-love if we desire to change in some way.