Friday, October 26, 2007

More great raw blogs and sites

Some great raw blogs-sites which have been inspiring me lately:

Recipe for Bliss

Loving Raw

Linda in the Raw

Raw Mama

Loving Raw Food and Fitness

conversations (great analogies) inspiring me:

Mi-San - asking me whats going on.. whats happening & I say oh, nothing , same thing as always and she looks at me.. and says "yeah right, like being pregnant, nothing happening" lol

Horace - another best conversation ever on space and time and how there is no future or past and about our body working and we how decisions we make we have actually made long before we even make them or have any clue that we have made them and thats just the way it is.. that was really interesting.. and the usual trippy stuff.. how when we are traveling at light speed things get all wacky.. like I mentioned that its been proven that when you move towards something that thing is also moving towards you.. well, when you are moving really, really fast.. thats when all kinds of things are actually moving, and you are seeing around corners, and all the really wacky stuff happens. (I just get cartoon images in my head) light speed is so fun!

Mi-San again.. at work we have a huge commercial dehydrator , so she comes out of Another meeting and holds one of these big metal mesh screens from it up in front of her face, shaking it and crying "Let me out, Let me out" - "Here you try" - and she passes it to me.. so funny!

& I get to go back there.. and trade superfood squares for The most amazing raw truffles and the creamiest raw hot chocolate ever.. ahhh
Life is good!


Queen B said...

shaking and crying "let me out! let me out!"- LOL too funny! I wanna work with you all too!
Thanks for all the great info and gorgeousness! I'm glad you like my blog...
Love and blessings to you!

RawAllison said...

Awww thank you for making me smile today. So cool, your blog.