Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shinoussa sea veg, Frequensea, Notes from the Universe, Amathing story and Music and Life by Alan Watts

Good Morning!
I have been drinking almost the same green smoothie for the past 3 days.. only the greens have changed. This morning mine has spinach, beet leaves, pea green sprouts and banana, pineapple, pear. & a new raw sea vegetable powder blend I got at the Secret expo. Its called Shinoussa from Quantum Nutrition. I met and talked to the guy who developed the product and it looks pretty good - contains Irish moss, spirulina, chlorella, dulse, red algae and flax seed.

We still have some stock of E3Live at work, not selling it by the bottle or anything.. Mi-San calls it her lifeline. .but its getting low. So at home I am taking this and have a couple bottles of Frequensea also on the go.

I have just signed on to get Notes from the Universe delivered to my inbox every morning. A friend of mine was getting them & they were so relevant to him that we decided that I should sign up also just to see if they were personally written to him. Now, of course, they generate millions of them, so, onbviously not. But, I had heard of this before & had meant to sign up anyway.
I really liked this mornings:

First, as a child, it seems like the entire world is there for you and you rush to drink from its every cup, sometimes wondering to yourself how anything could ever be more fun.

Then, as you grow older, if you're observant, you realize much of what you enjoy was made possible by the contributions, work, and labor of those who came before you, and you're taken aback, disappointed even , because with maturity you can now see cracks in the façades, imperfections in the details, and 10,000 ways it could have all been done better.

At which point, folks typically choose one of two paths: Spend a lifetime lamenting how far from perfect things are. Or, to one degree or another, roll up their sleeves and pitch in.

And should they choose the latter with gusto, dear Robin, they will come to know, to the core of their sacred being, that the differences they might make in the world cannot be made by another. And then they will discover the answer to their often-wondered childhood question.... That the most fun one can have in time and space comes from making such a difference, and that the joy derived from serving is 10,000 times that of being served.

At your service -
The Universe

I also got another great story in my inbox this morning from my friend Noah, who will be starting his own blog soon. sharing this one also... This one was from a friend of his who was volunteering at the Fringe festival in Calgary:

"At the last Fringe board meeting, Anne-Marie told a story about a mentally-challenged girl that worked with her in the past. Everything this girl did, she would let Anne-Marie know that she had done it and then follow up with 'And you know what else? I'm amathing'.
Anne-Marie shared that she would announce her amathingness after everything from completing a work task to getting a bottle of rootbeer for herself. She also shared that it didn't matter to this girl if anyone else told her she was amazing/amathing - she didn't need anyone else's affirmations - she already know she was amathing.
We talked about how cool it would be to go through life re-affirming our own amathingness at every opportunity - instead of waiting for other people to do it for us...and always knowing with our whole beings that we are indeed amathing.
I've been sharing and affirming my being amathing now for about a week, and I am amathed (although I shouldn't be) at how amathingly wonderful I have been feeling.
I'm smiling more, I am happier, little things aren't bothering me, I feel more self-love.
As I bask in my amathingness, I am empowered.
So there you have it...
And you know what else? I'm amathing...."

I will definitely post when Noahs blog debuts! Noah is into some very interesting things. He is hosting an Arcturians multi-media event coming soon.. but thats a whole blog in itself - coming soon!!!

ok, so what is this little French tomatillo doing on my blog?
Well, this one is for Luke. Trefor, our photographer, took this pic. for us. I told Luke I would post it & he is going to put it on his facebook. This guy showed up in our basket of pears - the most delicious pears int he world - 3 huge baskets of them!!! but we found this tiny guy & were playing with him while we cut up the pears.
Someone asked if we were going to eat him... Luke says 'No, yuck, he smokes!!!' lol
Anyway, this is a personal one - I just crack up looking at the pic! think it's a had-to-be-there thing. lol
..But I am glad you're here... Your amathing!!!!

& now a video.. just for fun. Another friend - a very special friend - sent me this..

- Oh, and a huge shout-out to my fav EmC ..who just celebrated his birthday!!!!

Live life. Love Life, Celebrate Everyday!!! ~ and Big Hugs out to everyone!~

Music and Life - Alan Watts


Noah said...

Love it! Love it! Beautiful entry - thanks! I'm now busy forwarding it on to my friends!

Cÿan said...

Amathing ... go Girl go ... size 9 (42-43) Just so you know ... Getting the JG dot ca site going, hoping she can post her first post start of next week. Adieu ... Tomatillos are Spanish not French So zere.

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks Noah.. great story!
& Thanks for letting me share it!
Look forward to seeing you soon.. & so excited for the Arcturians!

Cyan, Thanks for letting me know.
& I told Luke he was Spanish!!! He insisted he was French.. ??!!
.. but he was a very interesting tomatillo, whatever he was.. ; )
Have a great day!!! Hugs!