Monday, October 01, 2007

Think Holistic, Past Lives - living our life purpose and flowing in wonder

I am reading articles from the Think Holistic website. It's very interesting. I found this website amongst a pile of papers picked up & collected at the Secret expo.

Many of those who know me well and are close to me in real life are a little concerned. ..maybe esp my Mom.
My general nature is happy, positive and fun .. maybe even slightly wacky, quirky and a little on the out-there side.
But lately I have been more reflective, often sad. I mean I live in the bliss state for most of the time.. but I have some big concerns which are weighing heavily on me lately where usually I can just pass them off and float around..
Its kind of like the sad is more sad and the fun is more fun..
..and everything is a lot more meaningful.
I feel like I kind of woke up a bit from the ayahuasca ceremony. ..and have gotten a big slap on the side of the head from the Akashic Record consultation ..and then my other therapies and influences.
Whether this is good or bad, I don't know. But I know I can't go back to where I was.
I am a raw foodist living in a cooked mainstream household.. and more - extremely diverse energies going on here.
I wonder what it is in me that attracts certain people - alcoholics and very controlling people. Of course, on the upside I have extremely creative and fun people in my life also.. and they are the majority. wayyyy!!!!!!
I really am blessed, I have some of the best people in the world around me - I know this!

Scorpio Horoscope - Your increased mental prowess comes from carefully thinking through all the details surrounding the most important issues of the day. Although you are attracted to the simplest solution now, it may not be the best one. The situation is likely quite complex, so don't be afraid of revealing your inner process. Speak your mind carefully and stick with the facts as you know them.

I love this pic. I may have posted it before, a long time ago. Not sure why I love it so much. I think I was Japanese in a past life.

In the main past lifetime I visited recently - I was East Indian - I have so many theories/stories about past lives I have lived, but this one was totally new to me. It was kind of sad & actually explained the controlling aspect I face a bit.

oh, and actually I had another lifetime I visited which explains the alcoholism thing in my life also.

I just read this article on past lives from the website I mentioned above. very interesting!

I had a cd given to me from someone at work a couple days ago - Guided Meditations - Experience your own Past Lives. I haven't listened to it yet.

I fell asleep with my headphones on in bed listening to the SuccessUltraNow cd I have.
I haven't spend as much time with this cd as I had planned - time to revisit it.

from the SUN website:
This stress is a foundation of human disease. It is the consequence of not living our life purpose.
As the situation in the modern world intensifies many of us are awakening to the fact that we are ALL responsible for what is manifesting in our reality. It takes a superhuman effort of will to keep the mind and senses attuned to wonder when what we may be witnessing is frightening and indeed horrific.

The antidote to “evil” is inside us all and is the superhero’s magic potion. When fully imbibed, ordinariness is super-ceded by extra-ordinariness and the perceiver of the problem becomes the embodiment of the solution.

But now, I have spent too much time thinking and need to go live and watch and see what comes to me. I know that everything I need will.. and I just need to go with the flow.. consciously.

& I need some more superfood squares, a good workout at the gym, & to go buy new cool boots .. I am a shoe person now for awhile. I have dark reddish-purple hair now also! Its just a wash-out.. fun!

Have a wonderful swirling cosmic energy day filled with radiating, glistening wonder and magic.
Sending out kaleidoscopic swirls of love to each & every one of you!
*I love you!*
: )


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