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Anastasia - the Vedic age - food, health, conscious awareness and the energy of feelings

Thoughts from Anastasia - Excerpts from Book 6 - The Book of Kin, The history of mankind - Feeding life in the flesh, pgs137-142:

People living in the Vedic age did not know a single disease of the flesh. Even at the age of a hundred and fifty or even two hundred years they maintained a lively spirit, a joy of living, and remained completely healthy. They had no doctors or healers such as exist in great numbers today. Diseases of the flesh were impossible because the way of life in ones own domain, the natural Space of Love which they themselves had established, completely regulated their intake of food. Man's body was supplied with everything it needed in the required quantity and at the time most favorable for its consumption, and at the most favorable planetary alignment for the intake of food. (p 137)

Each berry, little herb and piece of fruit has its own day, hour and minute when it is most beneficial to the human body - when it will complete the process of its own growth in conjunction with the celestial bodies. By this time it will have taken account of the specifics of what lies under the ground and of other plants growing around it, as well as of the Man who has bestowed his gaze upon it, and then evaluate and determine what his greatest needs are. And on that very day when it is ready to serve Man, Man will honour it by his acceptance, and allow perfection itself to become his food. (p138)

Back then, Man did not think about food. He fed himself in much the same manner as today we breathe. The Space he had created, in conjunction with his intuition, accurately worked out how and when the flesh should be fed. (p 140)

And every Man of the Vedic culture was fully aware that what he consumed as food not only fed his body, but filled the soul with conscious awareness. At the same time it conveyed information directly to him from all the worlds of the Universe.

This is why these people were many times superior to their modern-day counterparts in terms of inner energy, keenness of mind and quickness of thought.

The animals and plants living in Mans family Space reacted to Man as to a god. The animals, herbs and trees were constantly thirsting for a tender look or a kind touch on Mans part.

And this power of the energy of feelings was what prevented unwanted weeds from growing in the garden or vegetable plot. Many people are now aware how a household plant can suddenly shrivel up when it meets with disfavor on the part of someone in the family. On the other hand, a feeling of love and communication directed toward the same plant can cause it to flourish.

This is why the Vedic people never went near their garden with a hoe. Even today, we have expressions such as give someone the evil eye. It originated in those times. People could create a lot through their energy of feelings.

Suppose a Man is walking through his domain. Everything around catches his kindly gaze. He might look at a weed and think: Why are you here? The weed would quickly wither from sorrow. On the other hand, if one were to smile at a cherry tree, it would cause its sap to run through its veins with twice the energy as before. (pgs 141-142)

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