Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thoughts on soups, ayahuasca, superbeing devices, gifts, and the beautiful, amazing, exciting and abundant Universe!

Good Morning.
I came here with the intention of posting this amazing soup recipe which I came up with yesterday - Creamy Tomato Thai.
It is my favorite so far.. and all these beautiful local tomatoes are so delicious and abundant these days.
Last winter they decided to add some cooked foods to the cafe menu at work & they had me making soups... cooked soups. At first I was thinking what am I doing? but then I realized that I was really good at it & that I didn't have to eat them, just make them.. and people were intrigued by my diet and I found it funny to say. "hey, I don't eat it, I just make it" But if you're into this type of thing at least it's healthy & vegan and has great energy in it! Having a raw foodist make hot soups seemed funny to me. kind of wrong but funny & I decided to just go with the flow. .. & then I realized that more people buying soups were intrigued by the raw diet & would ask me about it.
& I actually got to the point where I thought I might put out a cookbook of soups.
& I still might.
But now, however, I am working on the raw soups.. I seemed to somehow skip over this aspect of the raw diet before and am really delving into it these days.. coming up with some recipes to have raw as well as cooked available. I made a great Carrot-Ginger recently and a Curry Vegetable soup that went over really well.
(that was going to be my post today - the recipe.. but I forgot it at work.. so maybe tomorrow I'll post it)

I would also like to talk a bit more about the ayahuasca. I know it seems kind of strange to some to go and put a poison in your body when you are on such a health kick.. but I want to explain a bit my motivation on this one. It was not a recreational thing at all for me.. it was a spiritual thing. I do realize that I have ingested a poison into my body. ..and I have felt the harmful effects of it, don't get me wrong. I have been a bit headachy & nauseous and even had slight cold symptoms right after.. but I do feel like I have detoxed spiritually, and emotionally. These things get stored in our cells and memory also.. and I really do feel like a lot of stuff has been released. & now I know my body is busy clearing it all out of my system.. and overtime because I do have this really healthy body which will work hard when presented with a situation like this. For me it is worth it.

I just wanted to make sure I was clear on this. Ayahuasca is a poison and it is a medicine.. thats the way I see it. You have to pay for every gain.
Is it for everybody? .. No, I don't think so.
Would I recommend it? For most, probably, in the right context and circumstances, and under guided supervision.
Would I do it again? ..Most likely.. but not right away. As a friend said 'I really feel like I have found a new teacher' ..maybe an unconventional one.. but it's just the way I feel.

I just got a new super-being device yesterday!!! I had the best day ever.. well, until today that is. I got so many cool things. gifts - a Gerbera daisy on the subway on my way to work. Rose essential oil - no joke!!! 1 ml of pure rose oil. I have been wanting this for almost forever it seems .. but 5 mls of the stuff is 150$US w/o shipping. & so I always put it off. & I got some Rose Nectar.. which is amazing and made by a lady in France who grows the roses in her backyard. & chocolate - Matriarch Gold I think it is.. and an offer to show me how to make it. He dropped off a container to me & then was off to show Jess, the amazing raw culinary artist in town, how to make it ..but he offered to show me another day & also said that we can videotape it & he will help me edit. I knew one day I will learn how to use this video-camera.. which I still owe my brother for (soon, Randy!) I haven't even unpacked it since my NB trip. But I really want to learn editing so I can travel the world - raw style & video blog & more.. !!! ; )
Oh & I got Gnome water (some of the purest in the world from up north.. DW's land) and a manifesting feather!!! its a big black & white feather wired onto a wooden stick & is very special. What else happened.. Oh yes, the super-being device.. I heard every super-being needs one - Its a Zapper - created by Hulda Clarke. I am using it but have to research & read more about it. Groovinda spoke to David (Wolfe) about them yesterday. She got 6 extra ones that she was going to ship back or something like that so we got to buy them for a great price. She said it says not to wear them for a really long time but David wears his for 6 or 8 hours a day. I will look into it more later on.. for now, am off to work. & I will make sure to bring the recipe back to share with you tomorrow.

Last thought for the morning.. something I find interesting. I had done a parasite cleanse a while ago & never did the 2nd box, because it was not making me happy. I wanted to get rid of any parasites I may have but didn't want the emotional low that went with those strong herbs.
But now I just found out that ayahuasca is actually well-known as a parasite eliminator. & the Zapper is mainly for that reason also.. raising vibrations I think so parasites can't live there.. Rose oil raises vibrations.. it is one of the highest vibrational plants in the world! & I was just thinking about how interesting it is that I have put out there how I want the best health I can possibly attain, I want to feel the healthiest & happiest possible with the highest vibrations and feel spiritually & physically connected and now its almost like I don't even have to do anything other than accept what is presented, go with the flow, have the most fun possible & it will all just come to me. Isn't it amazing the way this world works?!!

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