Monday, September 17, 2007

Random images and wisdom thoughts from Dorit's workshop

Dorits workshop - The Sacred Art of eating was wonderful. I was in the kitchen most of the time but these are a few of the words that I overheard. There was a lot more going on.. it was deep, there was laughing and crying. She can get to people because she has deep wisdom and speaks an undeniable truth.
..& the food was amazing!!! Superfood breakfast and smoothies. & Fatma brought many dishes of Raw Indian cuisine, - I love her food- and there was so much there! ..& chocolate! : )
It was really beautiful. I may get some pics later to post.
We need to get back to the seed of who we are and grow again from there. We need to heal ourselves and get back to our true nature. This is not necessarily the easiest path. We may lose friends along the way and gain new friends. Life will change.

When we suppress our emotions too much they come out as anger. It has to come out somehow eventually.

We refuse to feel our pain, feel our suffering. People say "Oh, don't cry". ..but we need to cry, we need to get it out.

Because we suppress our emotions so much they come out in the Earth in natural disasters - hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

It is not New Orleans that needs to be rebuilt but us.

How many earthquakes does Indonesia need to have before we will start going within and listening to ourselves?

There are no problems in Iraq, in Cambodia, in America, in France.. the problem is within us.

It is up to us to recreate a feeling of stillness and peace within.
In silence you find you.
You are not going to find it in another's arms, not in different clothes, and not in the foods or non-foods that you eat.

We all need more love.

We need to send love to the people who are pasteurizing almonds - not hatred. They don't need more hatred. They need more love. ..and when they have so much and are filled with love then they wont want to pasteurize almonds.

We need to send love to everyone.. especially those who are in pain, who are harming others and the planet, they who need it the most.

You need to make yourself the most important person in your life. Don't expect someone else to make you the most important person in their life. Its not going to happen.

Embrace everyone - We are all a piece of the puzzle.

We create separations with labels: gay, straight, thin, fat, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, Canadian, Japanese, vegan, omnivore...

We need to look past the labels and the judgements.
Every decision you make is a choice you make about yourself.
(Think carefully about that one)

Simplicity and abundance go together.

Challenge every temptation in your life.

Find your vulnerability and in that you will find your freedom.

Our biggest fear is our weakness and where our healing lies.

One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is to listen. .. not talk back, not make judgements or add to what they are saying- Just listen.
The man shouting obscenities on the street - Just listen.

When one soul raises every other soul raises also.

The more silence there is the more noisy it becomes. You hear everything - the background sounds, the inner monkey talk, the crinkling wrapper. Everything is magnified.

We are used to doing things.
We don't need to.
The Universe is here to support us.

Everything in nature is part of an art gallery.


shell said...

Oh Keiko, thankyou thankyou again for another wonderful post, and so timely for me personally. Love & Hugs, Shell xoxox

fatma said...

Hi Keiko Ti Cacao

You lucky girl. I so wanted to come but could not make it. Thank you for your notes. Big Hug.

Could you please ask Fatma to get in touch with me. Would love to meet my name sake of the Raw Indian Food.


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Shell.. Thanks xo!!!
& Fatma, will call her from work today. : ) & will ttys!