Monday, September 10, 2007

E3Live and Frequensea, phytoplankton and algae, geckos and luwaks, coffee and beans..and olive oil

E3Live is not being shipped to Canada for the time being. It is now being classified as a supplement and not a food by the FDA. Even though it is a straight plant source.. well, it is just pure algae from a lake. Hopefully this will not take long and we will be able to get it again.

Mi-San was calling it her lifeline. & she's not the only one. I have a few people who depend on it.. and one guy who claims that it has completely transformed his life.
One of the first thing E3Live seems to act o with people is there mental/emotional state. It brings a bliss, optimism. I have heard depression is one of the first thing it clears away. Optimal foods do this and it is definitely that.

Someone came in the other day and told me about some of the silliness of the FDA regulations. One example that stays with me is about Heinz beans. In England, they get them in blue tins.. actually a blue label, but they call them blue tins.. but they had to change the formulation for them to come into Canada because of the bean to sauce ratio. Seriously, it was stated on the papers, he saw them & he said .. According to FDA regulations the bean to sauce ratio was not high enough.. LOL. we have more beans in our brown tins than in England's blue tins. ..or so I hear.. but that just struck me funny.. bean to sauce ratio!!??? lol

Life is funny.

Oh, but the cool thing is that I was contacted by a guy who's been raw for 30 years, selling me on FrequenSea - it's a marine phytoplankton blend. I've tried a sample before but never bought it cause I am so on the E3Live (& its kind of expensive and a MLM product) .. but this time I decided to order 2 bottles which should arrive very soon. ..& now I have an alternative.. I love how the Universe has me covered.

Thank you Universe and Love..Love you back!!! gotta just keep putting it out there & it all takes care of me and keeps flowing back.

ok..while I am in a wacky mood.. getting incredibly more so, thinking about bean to sauce ratios & things like that does it to me.. Jim was talking about the most expensive coffee in the world last night. It's called Luwak coffee, sells for 300$ a lb. From Sumatra, they have animals called luwaks there who eat the coffee cherries, beans and all and excrete the beans ..& then I guess people clean them out of the feces, roast them and sell them for an incredibly high price..
Wonder who these people are that drink this coffee?
What a wonderful diverse and dynamic world! many things!

I've never had a coffee addiction but I hear E3Live is amazing for getting rid of one. Every time you feel like coffee take one ounce of E3Live.. thats what I hear.

Ok last on my mind about food is the olive oil I am just waiting to get.. they carry it at Organics on Bloor (have to plug the place - it's a wonderful store around the corner from work & Monica is my neighbour from the beaches - cool!) The oil is called Zatoun and I heard about it from Fatma's beautiful blog - A Magnificent Life, just when I was thinking about getting a higher quality olive oil. It is supposed to be amazing in taste and quality.

Thats my food news for the day.
Abundant swirls of flowing, exotic and daydreamy love to all.. xo

a gecko is green and so is E3Live and Olive oil and phytoplankton.. beans and coffee and luwaks aren't. I just wanted to point that out. = ) uh-oh.. euphoria silliness taking off..... lolol....


Anonymous said...

you're funny! :)

Anonymous said...


I just bought some zatoun olive oil after wanting to for a while.
I read an article about the good work the company is doing, food and social change go hand in hand!

It is excellent! I am loving it so far! =)

Peace and love!

Robin 'Keiko' Gregory said...

Shell!! So great to hear from you.. you're back!! Big Hugs!!! x
(ps looks like Funky Raw was soo much fun!)

& Greg! Thanks for letting me know. Great to hear from you too.. Much Love! Hugs = )