Monday, September 24, 2007

Soul Therapy - Akashic Redord Consultation and Past life regression therapy

Just checking in quickly. It is my one day off & I have lots to do. so, quick notes..
I have lots to tell about the Secret exhibition, which was quite frankly one of the best kept secrets around.. cause there were not many people there.. but there were some amazing booths and vendors and great networking happening.. so that was great.
& I would have to say the #1 best thing.. and the reason I think I was there was to meet Deborah Skye of Soul Therapy.

Soul therapy is downtown, in Yorkville and where I am off to this afternoon for a past life regression session. I had an Akashic Record Consultation yesterday and it rang so true to me.. as she was talking it was like my insides were shaking, cause I knew what she was saying was so true.. and its scary because when you hear truths like that you have to face your fears and the things that hold you back and limit you.

So I have just finished writing down everything, everyone - all of the puzzle clues and interesting things I wanted to know about.. I should write some other questions.. but am taking a break to go for a quick work-out at the gym.. and will think of more there. I love the gym, sometimes I can really get into a Zen state doing cardio.. and even lifting weights, just thinking about breathing and things just come to you.
- 1 sec - parcel in the mail - Yay! I love parcels!! : )

I am excite about the past life regression - It's a 3-4 hour long appt which is taped.. so you can listen to it & analyze and think about things that came to you later. She guides you through it but I do a lot of the talking. I have to sign hypnosis forms. wow!

I made a version of Shazzies superfood GogogoChew bars this morning and am feeling the bliss and radiating energy - I ate so much.. all the rounded edges all the way around so the squares would all be perfectly square.. and it was a good excuse to eat a lot.. and see if it had much of an effect.. and yeah, I feel an amazing workout coming on.
I will post my recipe later.. ok, g2run!
Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

ps. Later I am going to make some bars inspired by the Raw Crunch bars from Kathy Feldman's site. It's an interesting site also.. inspiring! So, Going to go work on my abs now.. bbl, xo


Raw Vegan Family said...

Keiko Cacao Ti, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have such amazing possibilities right on your doorstep!

As always, I am enjoying reading your blog. I got the book "Zero Limits," and am walking around ho'oponopono-ing all day long! Thanks for pointing the way!

Much Love and Gratitude!

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Connie,
I know I am so blessed! I love it, it seems like everything just comes to me.. but maybe I put it out there that thats just the way it should be and is. ??!! : )

Ho'oponopono is a fascinating and very deep healing process. I am so glad you have discovered it!
& that you are enjoying it as much as I am!
Hugs always!