Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Morning thoughts on Silence, Awareness, the Master Cleanse, cacao, Osho Zen cards and new shoes

Good Morning!
I am going to write despite the great feeling I have to be quiet.
I am appreciating the silence these days. The spaces between words, the gaps.
..and just lying in bed a little longer than usual. Feeling my feelings.
I have even put my books down for awhile.
But it wont be for long.. I am half way through Brian Clements Longevity and just heard of a couple new ones about ancient wisdom - living close to the land, tribal life, about nature speaking out to us and listening to an ancient language and interspecies communication.
How can one be quiet for long when all that is out there?
But really I know that everything - Everything - is inside.
& I spend a lot of time talking - have you noticed? : ) Not that I am a loud person. But I am not a really quiet person either.. and there is a lot to be found in the silence.

Dorit goes to a silent retreat a few times a year.. she had just come from one before the workshop. I think that would be hard for me. I will have to experience it one day. Maybe it would not be so hard.. but because my life is so active now, its hard to imagine not saying anything for 5 days or so. No kids, no work, no activities.. I'd have to give up blogging for that time, this definitely counts!
So thats whats on my mind these last few days.. silence and even if talking and at work or whatever, just being really conscious, mindful, in the moment, paying attention to what others are saying.
Mi-San has noticed a dramatic difference in life - post ayahuasca. And I have noticed this too.. that things are deeper. Colors are brighter.. everything has more meaning. There is a more special and reverent feeling toward life.

I woke up monday morning and decided to do a Master Cleanse. I am not making a big deal out of it.. cause I am not even sure where I am going with it. I usually start this type of thing with a plan.. but I just feel like being intuitive with it. & interestingly I am not feeling like having anything else but my lemon water (w either agave or maple syrup and cayenne). The first day was a breeze.. Yesterday I was on a lemon and cacao cleanse.. lol Graham came in (from Chocosol) and showed us how to make hot chocolate drinks (yes, you can have hot chocolate raw) But not all of his flavours were. I tasted them.. we had to pick a couple flavours for the cafe.
We picked 2: Cinnamon Cappucchino and Tehate. Tehate is one of my favorites. It is a traditional drink native to a region in Mexico, prob close to Oaxaca. It is made from Rosita de cacao, Huejo de mamey and cacao ( think I have that right). And we are going to make a winter warrior porridge, which is not all raw, but can be close, made with cacao, chia and amaranth.

& then Fred came in with his Cacao Truffles.. so I had one. Hey, they are just too amazing!!!
So after my morning lesson of going with the flow from Mi-San- bend the knees and sway from side to side.. (its a skiing thing - she loves skiing) and tasting the cacao drinks, why not?

& I'm just a flowing kind of being - I picked the 'Going with the flow' card from the Osho deck at work - Fred's new cards - I love them. Think it might be time for a new deck of cards. The artwork is amazing! I love art on tarot cards - did a great presentation on this subject once - its really fascinating. I was asked to present to other classes - really fun.
You can get your own Osho Zen reading done online here.

And the other big thing - no, wait, there are lots of great things going on in my life - but one of them is that on Monday, I think I may have turned into a shoe person. I have just the very necessary footwear to get around in life. Honestly like 4 pairs of shoes. And I pulled out my Docs (Doc Martin - army boots) from last spring and decided that after many many years of being a doc person, (I wear them with everything!) that they just are not going to do anymore. I really want to get away from wearing leather.
So I headed to Queen W. Looking for non-leather boots, shoes, whatever.. and found a whole new world. Bought 2 pair, brown cord converse - doesn't sound great, but they really are - and this grey pair of boots with pink raised velvet birds and .. well, I ended up going back to return them that night cause they really were out there, I could tell by the look Kaiya gave me - and they really didnt go with any of my clothes. lol Oh, & then I just found out that the custom pair I was having made are ready - from Mola Vida - she was having them made without the leather trim, Yay! Cant wait to see them, she said they are bluish - turquoise. oops, getting off the orange theme - blue is for tomorrow. ; )
See.. I can really get talking once I get going on here.
But now off to be silent for awhile, another lemonade and off to work.
There is something very blissful about not eating also.. when you get into it in a healthy, conscientious way.
Have a bright, beautiful and illuminating day!

Last pic by Mark Humpage.

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