Monday, September 03, 2007

My Ultra-Controversial Brazillian Vacation - but no, not that kind of controversial.

Wow.. I just got lulled from my beautiful Brazillian dream vacation here:

I am lying on the beach trying to get through a couple books cause I am going to mail them off to my mom. #1 is Excuse me your Life is Waiting by Lynne Grabhorn (it's great & I am going to excerpt from it soon.. I am in between batches of cookies being made in the kitchen of my beachside villa also - The cacao ones I used to sell & will again one day. I got sad & stopped when Chocosol left 720..but have been asked lots for them, so its time I think.. and about to go experiment with apple cookies - thinking apple-oatmeal-raisin - Mmmm!! - so the excerpt will be posted somewhere between the cookies & mailing the book out to Mom)
Book #2 - is Matt Amsden's RAWvolution - have copied a few recipes & think I have the gist of his style down. Most chefs have a style.. and I like his,, but I think I have it & can incorp what I need into what I am already making.. The apple cookies are inspired by him, but mine will be way different..I have no coconut left anyway. So, I'll just use what I have - it usually works. I have a real food prep (was going to say cooking) knack. Some of us do.. maybe its a just born with thing. But making raw foods is even easier than cooked anyway!

Speaking of that..My friend Monica, who makes the best cheezecakes ever, & which we usually carry at work but have been out of because she has been busy cheffing for Ed Norton & now Liv Tyler. Cool!!! All Raw & they love her food. Everything Moni touches ends up tasting great.. some people are just like that. It's kind of like being cool. It's not something that can be taught or learned in school or anything. You can't get a degree in Cool! ; ) ..just the way it is.
Ed& Liv are co-starring in a movie being filmed here in To.

Did you notice yesterdays blog post was really short. I was filled with really interesting topics from Sat but of a controversial nature. Thats the way life goes sometimes.. but I was already feeling controversial from the ayahuasca weekend. It felt like everyone was going Oh cool! before I went.. & the after "You did what???" but I did it for me. & I am paying the price - still felt nauseous yesterday at the gym.. but worked hard through it. I heard you get remnants of it still in your system for 3 weeks to a month after. & I almost have my ecstatic superbeing powers back. Almost. Working hard on it.
Hey, I had aloe vera leaf in my green smoothie this morning. Big 2' leaf - 1.99/lb from the market.. just scraped out the inside & added it. Cool.

Controversial subjects:
- Power of attraction seen in study of abused girl in room with 20 men & within 15 min she and the 1 abusive guy intentionally put in there are attracted.
- Past stripper who wants to write a book on psychology of dancing. Making money was ever about looks, beauty or body but energy. It's all about the energy. (POA again)
- Rep from the Church of the Universe shows up. I laughed cause I had wondered about that place.. from Queen E, beaches, where I live.. I've often drove by & wondered about this place & now they show up downtown at work. ..interested in our space, he hands me a card.. big circle with marijuana leaf in the middle. I laugh.
(I have often said that I think I really don't even need to do anything & everything will come to me.. and any of us.. just by thinking and attracting. Well, I wondered & they showed up)
-Mi-San was talking about a long talk she had with D. Wolfe about business ..and becoming an Essene priest also had good business advantages. & if we became a church (of the universe ; ) great tax breaks etc. Wow! (now thats crazy!)
- Yopo & more natural drugs to make my head swirl.
& I wasn't going to say anything about all of this because I already felt like I had been getting too controversial. But its not leaving me alone because..

now inthe middle of my pleasant Brazillian vacation I get swept back to controversial-land by checking this e-mail & getting this video. So I have a feeling that I need to get all this out of my system to get back to ecstatic super-beingness and the land of beauty and abundance where I live most of the time. (& creativity, although I haven't painted yet this weekend. I have decided to follow my heart, not my head on this one & today its telling me to create cookies.)

ok here it is. Warning - controversial language and topic.

Who Owns you Americans? -George Carlin


Paul said...

We are what we eat, and yes, we are force-fed a lot of toxins through our ears and eyes too.
I first saw the George Carlin revelations on
and though it makes one quite angry and confused in large doses, I reccommend it to anyone out there trying to keep on thinking.
William Burroughs said that a paranoid is someone who understands a LITTLE about what's going on. Not even LOL.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure people are disapproving? It may be that many, like me, are a bit in awe, as it is something most of us would not be brave enough to try. I face enough demons in my regular consciouness, don't think I could deal with deeper awakenings! lol! So the silence, or shocked looks, of your friends and readers may not be questioning as much as not knowing what to say. I appreciated reading about your experience, but felt that it was so personal that it kind of transcended words, almost a sacred experience. I felt a bit voyeuristic, just wasn't sure how to respond.

Please keep being your open, honest self. I look forward to your daily missives! :-) Don't worry about controversy. No one is forced to read yur blog or to agree with what you think. Just put your thoughts out there and see what happens. The universe can care for itself, and so can anyone who reads your writings!

Big Hugs!

Keiko Ti said...

Paul - Thanks for the site!
I agree. ..wise to keep it to very small doses - just enough to be aware without getting down.

& Thank you so much Connie. I kind of expected it was some of this - it was a totally personal experience.. but I just wanted to share it. ..although only so much can be shared anyway, because most of what I experienced transcended words. But I really, really appreciate you telling me. ~Hugs!~
Hope you're having fun on banana island.. & glad you are inviting tourists along (cyber tourists anyway ; ) Best Wishes!