Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sawako wearing Simon's hat.

I used to have photo issues. (long story - good, but long - I have a lot of good stories - I collect them! :) But, I am in the process of getting rid of a lot of issues and programs.
These were just sent to me.. & I am thinking posting them might be the end of this issue:

Trefor is our in-house photographer at work. The above were from when Sawako was leaving to go back to Japan. The ones below are of Luke & I at work.

That was interesting. Ok, I'm going to do something even more interesting & post the superfood squares recipe I just made. Come into the kitchen...


Anonymous said...

well done for posting the pics :)...i'm dealing with my camera issues synchronous that we both step over those programs just 1 day apart!
Thankyou for writing you blog and continuing to share, it's rich and deep and, shell xoxo

Raw Vegan Family said...

The pictures are beauty~full, I hope this resolves the issue for you. I think more women than not, regardless of inner and outer beauty, struggle with the issue of photos. Good for you for deciding to dismiss it once and for all.

You are invited to a virtual picnic celebrating our first 4 weeks on Banana Island. RSVP at


Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Hi Shell.. Its great being on this journey with you! xoxo, lots of love back!

Connie.. just RSVP'd ..sounds like its going to be an amazing time! Bringing my drum circle friends, you'll love that! : )
Congrats on your 4 weeks.
& I enjoyed seeing your pics!
Much love!