Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sparkly finger lights, higher orders and realities, resistance, loving rooms, super sensitivities, force fields and beauty, so much beauty!

When I was walking through the forest, looking for my tent, ayahuasca weekend.. I saw sparks and lights coming from my fingers and said 'Wow, thats really cool. ..& my guide said yeah, I know and it is there all the time just we can't see it".

I am definitely sensing a higher order of things.. there are so may things we don't know.
Life is deeper than we can possibly imagine

The road to enlightenment is often met with some resistance. As you gain higher ground spiritually there is an opposing force which you often meet. Yin & Yang - we live in a world of duality. ..Thoughts from my Mom. I was feeling kind of sad last night.. it's rare but it happens.

There is a part in my ho'oponopono book (Zero Limits) where Dr. Hew Len talks about when he first started working at the psychiatric facility and paint was chipping off walls.. and they tried to repaint but the paint wouldn't stick to the walls. Time went by, patients got healed, work conditions got healed, the building felt more love.. yes, he sends love to the rooms and objects in the room when he enters and believes everything has a soul and spirit, all inanimate and animate objects. So later they painted again and the paint stuck this time. It felt the love.

Where we work its a very intuitive flowing place. Things just seem to happen the way they are supposed to be. For example there is usually just enough of something to last until it gets replaced. It's hard to explain.. like sometimes I wonder how we are going to get through the day without something we've run out of ..and the no one even asks for that thing.. or thats the one day when we didn't need it.
Sometimes I see something happen & know the higher order is at work.
Example - someone came in for wheatgrass.. and we have just ran out. They had bought a bag and forgot to put it in the fridge.. all we have is short trays a few inches high.. she takes that.. its inconvenient, expensive, This person has just been having such a hard time. & then they leave and an hour later the delivery guy comes back & we have a bunch of extra bags of wheatgrass and are stocked again.
Just life stuff.. but really fun watching it.

I know the shaman pouring out the ayahuasca gave me a really full glass. He just cesses the situation when you are there standing in front of him. He looks at you deep, in your eyes.. he knows what you can handle, what you need, .. or what you can deal with.

Mi-San was saying how colors are brighter now.. things are deeper. I know what she means and can see it in her eyes. We are more sensitive and more aware.. see a little deeper than before.. feel a little more.

A few days ago I was playing a game with myself.. I had a canvass shopping bag sitting by bus-stop pole and I left it there and went to the other edge of the sidewalk to see if the bus was coming. A lady walked up and stopped just before me and my bag. I was wondering if there was an invisible force field between my bag & I.. and she was sensitive and didn't want to cross this energy field. (I had heard of a book about this recently.. but forget the name of it - about how its important to get rid of stuff.. because we have attachments to our possessions and things we live with ad are around a lot) Anyway.. so she stops.. ad then I wonder if I walk over to my bag if she will pass.. and sure enough she does.
of course maybe this was a field of intention...
Anyway.. like I said, just little games I play to pass the time. = )


Kristen's Raw said...

I truly love and appreciate your blog and the energy coming through it.

The pictures are amazing...I'm spending so much time looking at each one, and then going back to look at them again as my mind relaxes...looking at each one....wondering...imagining....

Thank you for the journey.

Chef Kristen Suzanne
Kristen's Raw

Keiko Cacao Ti said...

Thanks Kristen!
I really appreciate the comment and compliment. I love the on-line raw community that is building .. so nice to meet people with the same interests and on the same wavelength.
Like-minded people creating better lives and a healthier Earth.
It is a pleasure to meet you! Hugs!!
ps checked out your blog this morning - quickly, looks so great.. will be back soon!! & Thank you for yours!