Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Pics

Good Morning! I decided to spend my morning clearing pics off my camera and organizing them on my computer. I really am quite organized.. these are now getting transferred to Blog pics & then a few times a year all my pics will get put on cd & I'll start again. cool.
ok. so here are some that were still on my camera..
This was down the street from my home, on the beach..

This is a friends guitar case.. he now has a new one and starting a new sticker collection on it.. his 1st new ones are ones that say Rawsome & Cooked Food is Poison. ..wonder where he got those!?

This is the entrance at work. Cafe 720.

This is where I usually am.

It's Duane and Mi-San. I didn't ask permission to post their pics.. oops

It's Sawako & me.. I love Sawako. Miss you!!! x

Mi-San at the labyrinth we found wayyy up the hill and at the end of the path. This was from our weekend up north.

I went to The Cacao Loft yesterday - Chocosol headquarters. It was great.. they are building a cool new deck out in back. This was amazing. Matthieu & Jessica made buckwheaties and then Matthieu poured this amazing decadent chocolate drink on top & we shared.. sooo good!

Matthieu and Mike.. Jessica (amazing raw culinary artist) was there also.. and she made this strawberry almond cream cake for Mike for his birthday.

How beautiful is that! Yummm....!!!
& now I am off again..... hasta luego mi buenos amigos!!!! Love ya! Ciaouuuuuuuuuu......


Sawako said...

Wow! Beautiful pics!!
And I'm in the one of them. Cool!
I love you too, Robin. Love you so much.
I'm sure You had an amazing time at Chocosol.
We should go there together someday, you know?
That would be so much fun!!!!

Keiko Ti said...

Wow Sawako.. that was quick!! : ) of course your a half day ahead of us here .. so you probably got to read this before I wrote it.. ??? lol
Yes, we should def go there together.. you will just have to come back! soon. : )
It's great there.. they have a new sound system, speakers.. good music, but we had the dj!
Lots of fun.. & you'll be back soon! You are always in our hearts!! xo